Human Nutrition, BSc Hons

Human Nutrition, BSc Hons
Thursday, January 30, 2020 -
Friday, December 31, 9999
8am - 5pm
University of Greenwich

SE10 9LS

Human Nutrition, BSc Hons

Our human nutrition degree is designed to provide you with the scientific skills and knowledge to understand how nutrition relates to health and disease.

 By the end of our degree in human nutrition, you'll be able to explain the significance of diet and nutrition-related illnesses to others to improve their wellbeing. You'll begin your studies with the fundamentals: an introduction to biochemistry, biology and physiology, chemistry for life science, and the basic principles of nutrition. As the course progresses, you'll be introduced to more specialist and advanced areas, such as clinical, human and public health nutrition.

The course, which is accredited by the Association for Nutrition and the Royal Society of Biology, leads to careers in healthcare, teaching, academia, research, the food industry, and sport and exercise nutrition.

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