Why work for Sealord?


Working at Sealord

The sea means everything to us at Sealord, so we’re staunch about doing the right thing, even when no-one’s looking. Our values give voice to our commitments and behaviours. Respect and responsibility for resources as well as each other are core to our sustainability as a company and a trusted provider of seafood globally.

Our collaboration with each other and our continued innovative approach to our daily work will let us to continue to improve people’s lives by creating delicious seafood for them to enjoy. And with everything we do, it’s always ‘Safety First’ – every action we take is with safety in mind because we are like one big family and we look after each other.

Our employees are skilled professionals who show initiative and flair. Our people are the key to making us a successful company operating in a global seafood market.

At Sealord we invest in our employees. We offer ongoing training and career development as well as succession planning and promotion from within. We encourage an innovative, fun work environment and a positive culture.

Our culture and the way we operate are driven by Sealord’s Values:

- Respect for our resource and each other
- Understanding the Responsibility we carry
- An Innovative approach to our daily work
- Safety of our people at the forefront of all we do
- Collaboration with those around us.

What we’re looking for 

While experience is not always essential to start a career at Sealord, here are some attributes we do look for:

- A strong commitment to health and safety - at Sealord we believe in safety above all
- A commitment to delivering what you promise
- A passion for change and innovative thinking
- Respect for others
- Care for the environment
- Good teamwork, coupled with the ability to communicate well and build good relationships
- An exceptional work ethic