Karro's Strengths

Core Capability Development

  • The business has made a significant investment into training & developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours for staff to have the core skills to help Karro succeed. This has been driven by a desire to improve as well as the changing profile of the business requiring more agile staff.

Excellence in Manufacturing

  • Through applying best practice such as line balancing, cross-functional performance improvements and continued retraining on line set-up and performance, we have achieved efficiency improvements.
  • Improved machine outputs and as a result of the efficiency improvements created clear windows for an increased preventative maintenance programme.

Technical Excellence

  • Significant capital-expenditure investment in factories and equipment to create process and product manufacturing centres of excellence, including advanced chilling technology.
  • New innovation centre at our Malton site - to be a leading product development partner with our customers.

Employee Communication and Involvement

  • Daily performance information shared on screens and notice boards – key business information shared.
  • Regular team briefings to share broader messages with the whole workforce.
  • Employee Involvement forums ensure department reps and managers work together to ensure we improve as a team.

Continued Investment and Development

  • We are dedicated to developing our people.
  • Continued development in agriculture, including infrastructure investment in our own farms.
  • Research and development partnerships with industry specialists.