Why work with us?

Within our sector it is all about reputation and I feel a reputation can only be gained if you are honest. This is something we always will be. 

It is important to fully understand a company/organization before you can effectively recruit for them. We take the time to meet and discuss how a company works, what the needs may be of the business and what we can do to help with that.  We are a consultancy not an agency, so we do not simply circulate CVs. Instead we add value through sourcing the very best candidates available and providing advice on the selection process and the suitability of candidates. 

It is not about quick wins, it is about managing expectations and we are not afraid to admit if we are unable to help you. We would rather send three candidates to you who fit the specification you have given to us, than send ten that are simply average.

We want to see your business grow and be a part of that by providing you with top quality team members.

Becoming a clientftr [square]

If you would like to work with us and discuss possible ways Fresh Talent Recruitment Ltd may be able to help you, please get in touch with our Managing Director Sydoni Mackie who will be happy to help.

Email: sydoni@freshtalentrecruitment.com

Phone: 01284 733989 Mobile: 07795 693556

We have a stunning office based in the Farmers Club in Bury St Edmunds  so if you would like to meet with us off site please feel free to make an appointment.