Fresh Talent Recruitment Ltd

Below are the main areas that Fresh Talent Recruitment Ltd specialise in.

Fresh Produce 

Fresh Produce is a sector that is forever changing. Companies understand the importance of standing ahead of the competition and keeping up with customer demand.

Although the fruit and veg stalls still exist across the world, produce has now become a product that is in much greater demand. Companies are now having to supply to retail, caterers, foodservice and the wholesale market. The process that is involved in getting the produce from "field to fork" is amazing.

Fresh Talent Recruitment Ltd recruits for all disciplines within Fruit, Vegetables, Salad and Horticulture.


The history of agriculture dates back thousands of years and has had to evolve a lot during this time. The most important factor in moving agriculture forward today is succession planning and bringing  on board "fresh blood".

When many people think of Agriculture today they think of tractor drivers or people milking cows. They don't see it as being very glamorous, but actually the opportunities are endless and it can be a fantastic sector within which to build a career.

Roles can include Farm/Estate Management, Marketing and Commercial, Agronomy and Engineering but to name a few.


"Everyone has to eat"

Fast moving is certainly the correct terminology for this specialist area. It consists of products such as alcohol, toiletries, pre-packaged foods, soft drinks and cleaning products as well as many highly perishable food products such as dairy and baked goods. 

The FMCG sector can offer some really great career opportunities working in retail, with branded products or even with wholesalers and Foodservice companies - the list is endless.

Graduates ftr

Succession planning is key to any business today and therefore Fresh Talent Recruitment work with a number of Fresh Produce businesses to help find them ambitious and driven graduates who are interested in a long term career working within the sector.

Are you looking for a sector that can offer you fantastic opportunities, where no day will be the same, where you can have the opportunity to work internationally and work with major multiples?

If the answer is yes then Fresh Produce is for you