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When I first joined the wonderful world of Fresh Produce as a Recruiter, I couldn’t understand what everyone was getting so excited about. To me, it was just a product that we see every day in our local supermarket.

Then I visited Fruit Logistica in Berlin and I suddenly understood how interesting the industry was. I grew to love it.

ftr sydoniTo understand the supply chain from field to fork is fascinating and I have often passionately told my friends to appreciate what they are eating a little more.

Recruiting in this sector comes with its challenges. It is incredibly incestuous and therefore first impressions certainly count. I take the time to thoroughly understand a business, its culture, vision and strategy and to really get to grips with the kind of people they are looking to recruit. Likewise when it comes to speaking with candidates it is important to take the time to understand what their motivations are for their next role. It is not about quick wins for me! It is so important for an individual and a business not to have “stop gaps” so I always aim to gain longevity and stability for both parties.

Fresh Talent Recruitment Ltd is a chance for me to run a business honestly and professionally and I very much look forward to the time ahead!


For further information about Fresh Talent Recruitment and their current vacancies, please contact Sydoni Mackie on

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