Working with Eden Search & Select

Once you engage us we’ll work through our five-step recruitment process together. This phased approach guarantees that we’ll be able to find the very best selection of candidates available.

Step one: Understanding your business
From the outset we’ll learn about your business and get to grips with your culture, markets, people and strategy for the future. This is an essential step and the only way to find candidates with the potential to make a long-term positive contribution to your business.  

Step two: Defining your perfect candidate
We’ll take a detailed brief, clarifying exactly who it is you are looking for; what you need them to achieve; and what they’ll have to offer by way of experience, skills, behaviours and values.

Step three: Designing a bespoke recruitment campaign
Once we know who we are looking for we’ll build a custom-made campaign to find them. Our methods are tried and tested to track down high achieving executives with the right professional attributes. Typically we use a combination of headhunting, advertising and research, tapping into our extensive network of industry contacts.  

Step four: Candidate assessment and shortlist
Through telephone and face-to-face interviews as well as psychometric testing, we’ll draw up a shortlist of people who we think have just the right professional, social and cultural skills to succeed within your business. We’ll assess their leadership skills; the level of industry exposure they’ve had; and any role specific experience that they can offer. Then we’ll package this information up so it’s easy for you to rate them before the interview process begins.  

Step five: Post project support
Once interviews are complete our role continues through in-depth feedback sessions where we gather input and insights from companies and candidates alike. This invaluable step helps ensure the best results for the current project – it also makes future assignments far easier.

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