Planning your next career move

Once you engage us we’ll work through our five-step recruitment process together.

Candidate Services

Step one: Understanding your career
From the outset we’ll invest the time and energy required to learn about your career; how you got where you are; what you are proud of; and any lessons learnt along the way.

Step two: Understanding ‘now’
Once we’ve got to grips with your past we’ll look at your present, asking questions about your current position; your timescales and motivations for change; and the challenges you want in the future.

Step three: Identifying your next role
We also need to know what’s important to you personally and from a cultural perspective. You’ll need to tell us about what you expect from an employer socially, emotionally and financially. This will help us to help you find that perfect role.

Step four: Taking the Next Step
Once we’ve got to know you we’ll discuss any relevant projects on our books and talk about any employers that it might be appropriate to research. Then we’ll start to look at your CV and interview technique, in preparation for the big day.

Step five: Post project support
Once interviews are complete our role continues through in-depth feedback sessions where we gather input and insights from companies and candidates alike. This invaluable step helps ensure the best results for our candidates and makes future assignments far easier – as and when they are needed.

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