Operational Management jobs in the food industry

Operational Management jobs in the food industry

Are you organised and familiar with the production process of food and drink manufacture? Do you like working in a high pressure FMCG environment? If so, then Operations Management within the food and drink industry might be the career for you.

At Yourfoodjob.com we have plenty of jobs within Operations Management, whether you are looking for a career within a drinks company or a large food producer. The role may involve a lot of planning and organising of the production process and the businesses goods and services. You will need to understand how the production process converts inputs such as, raw materials, energy and labour and how this affects the output and ultimately the customer.

Operations Management is a core function in every company and the responsibilities will vary day to day and will likely be different in each company. It generally involves organising, controlling, planning and coordinating the resources needed for the businesses production process. This means that people management is a core skill needed in this role.

You will likely need a degree or honours in Business Administration in this role, but it is possible to step up to a low level Operations Manager position from a more junior position.

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