Food Operative Jobs

Food Operative Jobs

Food operatives do the work that makes the food industry possible. They are normally responsible for production, packaging, and checking of products which are created for retail purposes. They may normally work in a factory environment, which can mean long hours, but shift work ensures that break times are fair. Being paid by the hour often means that more work gives you more money to take home, and overtime may also be a possibility.

If you are looking for food operative jobs here at, then you won’t be disappointed. We have plenty on offer, and if you are already experienced in operative positions, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding work. The good news is that if you can’t find a particular company looking for workers, you can sign up with an agency instead, some of whom may be hiring through our job pages. You will get training on the job, and will need to be a fast learner if you want to rise up the ranks quickly. You could be producing food for supermarkets, for restaurants and pub chains, or to sell direct to the consumer.

Experience makes you a more desirable employee, but you will not need any particular degrees or qualifications for this type of work. Being a food operative could be perfect if you have no qualifications to speak of, as your ability to do the job will speak louder to your employers than your exam results. You could look to becoming a supervisor in the future, moving into a QA role, or even taking a role in the office if you are good at your work.

Food operative jobs are available in all areas of the industry, as operatives make it all possible. Your choice of openings are up on our listings at

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