Marketing jobs in the food industry

Marketing jobs in the food industry

Food marketing professionals have to handle the day to day advertising of a brand, including running social media pages. They may be part of a team, leading a team, or, in smaller organisations, working alone. It is important that they liaise with sales/commercial professionals within their organisation so that products are represented in the best light and directed to the right demographics.

If you are searching for food marketing jobs, then at is the right place to start. Having experience in a marketing team is a definite boost to your job applications, with at least a couple of years under your belt in a similar company. The closer your experience lines up with the brand in question, the better chance you have of being offered the job. Those with marketing experience in another industry may have a chance so long as you have been working at the right level. This may mean having contacts at national newspapers or radio stations, working with television channels, or simply excelling at getting the word out through social influencers.

A qualification such as a degree in marketing may be beneficial for your job application, but the most important thing is a proven track record. Those joining a food marketing position at a junior level may not require as much experience, but your degree will be a good start. Understanding the rapidly changing world of marketing is key, as different trends come and go on a yearly basis. You need to be able to keep your ear to the ground, and innovate new campaigns rather than sticking with tried and tested methods.

Food marketing jobs are available with brands, with manufacturers, and even with producers. There is plenty of room to move up the career ladder by taking on more responsibility and a larger team. Start with the listings at to find your ideal marketing position.


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