Supply Chain Jobs

Supply Chain Jobs

Getting a supply chain job gives you an insight into the inner workings of the food industry. Your remit is ensuring that raw products come from the supplier and to the producer, ready to be processed and turned into products for sale. You will source the best quality food and battle for the lowest prices. You will analyse data to discover which are your best suppliers, and which product lines need to be improved.

If you want to get started with a supply chain career, browse the opportunities that we already have available at You can start as a team member driving sales, and work your way up to a management position. If you already have experience, you could be eligible for a management position already. There’s plenty of room to climb the career ladder in this area.

You don’t necessarily need a degree to work on the supply chain, as much of your skills will come from experience. However, there are some qualifications that could give you a boost in your job search. Having a degree in business studies could help you to understand supply and demand. You may also consider getting a qualification with CIPS, the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. These will help your CV stand out for employers. Above all, great negotiation skills are definitely needed.

You can find supply chain jobs in the food industry across the UK as well as international locations. You may have to travel often with your role, so consider this when applying. In other roles, you may be based at home year round, relying on technology to bring you to meetings across the globe. If you are ready to seize this opportunity, head to the listings and start applying.


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