Food Manufacturing Careers & Vacancies

Within the food industry, manufacturing is one of the largest areas supplying jobs, and you can make a career that takes you right to the top of the chain. Food manufacturing careers take on the essential tasks of creating and packaging food for retail and for service. You may be working on a factory floor to package and create food products, or helping to keep hygiene and safety standards high. You may be managing your own team, or coming up with new product ideas. You may even be involved in food science or marketing.

The length and breadth of career choices within food manufacturing can be found at, within our easy to search job listings. Whether you are looking to begin at the bottom, or move on to the next phase of your career, you can find an opportunity with us. If production and manufacturing is your choice, you don’t need to look anywhere else.

To work at the base level of manufacturing, you won’t need any qualifications, and can often get in without experience too. For more advanced roles, you could consider a degree in food science or a similarly matched qualification, depending on which area of manufacturing you want to go into. Getting into management could also require business studies training. Your best bet is to get as much experience as possible, whether this means starting at the bottom or getting a foot in the door with lower management.

Food is manufactured around the world and this means that international opportunities may also be available to you. Wherever you want to work, you can search by location at in order to discover the most relevant roles to you. You can also search by the level of work that you wish to enter, with your whole food manufacturing career laid out before you in our listings.


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