Food jobs in research & development

Food jobs in research & development

Food research is a hugely important role in the food industry, as it allows the creation of new products as well as the refinement and development of new ones. You will be carrying out research on a particular field which is relevant to your employer, and will need to become an expert on that subject. You will test new products, experiment with different ideas, and bring your own thoughts to the table to help make products better. You may report to a supervisor, or directly to a management department who will put your findings into action.

There are lots of food research vacancies available at, so head to our pages to start your career or find your next opportunity. Whether you want to work strictly in research and development on a scientific level, or move towards being a development chef, the opportunities are there. You can gain experience in a team role before heading up your own department if you have the leadership skills required. Your salary will grow in relation to your experience, too.

Education is an excellent starting point for these roles, and you may want to consider getting a degree in food science before you apply for jobs. You can find opportunities as work experience or internship while you study, particularly during the summer. On the job experience is also very important, and it’s recommended that you at least work for a short time in an internship before applying to any roles.

Food research specialists can work anywhere in the world, and international opportunities continue to grow as less developed countries seek to bring their production up to a higher standard. Keep an eye on the job boards at or get in touch with our advisers to discover the latest food research jobs as they become available.


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