Factory jobs in the food industry

Factory jobs in the food industry

Food factory jobs come in a wide range of sectors, from entry level jobs that are suitable for students and those without qualifications right the way through to upper management. Food factories are an essential part of the production cycle, and will either process or package products. In some cases, both will be done on site. You could be working on a line here, manually sorting food into packages, or supervising a team. You could be in charge of a machine or an engineer, and you might be overseeing it all from an office position.

At yourfoodjob.com there are plenty of food factory jobs on offer, whether you are just stepping onto the ladder or looking for the next rung. You might be looking to become a shift manager or take a supervisor job, which will give you the opportunity to seriously grow your CV. Our clients’ needs range from temporary manual workers right the way up to logistics managers or health and safety experts.

It is not usually necessary to take a degree into your role in a food factory unless you want to move into management. However, you might want to study manufacturing engineering, for example, if you want to take on a more specialised role. There is also room to learn on the job, as your employers may send you on courses to understand concepts like Six Sigma (which helps to eliminate defects in the manufacturing process) if you undertake a management role.

Food factories can be found spread throughout the UK, and you could also work in Europe or further afield if you want to travel. Make sure that you head to yourfoodjob.com to see the wide and growing range of jobs that are on offer in this burgeoning sector of production.


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