Meat Jobs

Meat Jobs

The meat industry is a huge percentage of food business as a whole, and it’s a very important sector. There are lots of jobs to be had here, from the slaughterhouse, to the meat cutters who prepare the specific joints and cuts, to the packers, and to those who work in butchers to sell the meat. You will also find technical management and development roles in pursuit of the best processes for preparing, storing, and presenting meat. Entry level roles can progress to team management positions.

If you want to work in the meat industry, look no further than for the best roles available on the market. Our jobs range from meat cutters and technologists all the way up to export roles, so whatever your specialism may be, we have something for you. Use our search function to discover the opportunities which fit your skills and experience to a T, even if you are just starting out and have no qualifications to bring to the role.

You may not even need qualifications for many of the roles on offer, though for higher positions you may need to consider taking a course or even gaining a degree in a meat industry-related field. Experience counts for a lot, so make sure that you pursue this sector from the beginning if you wish to progress to a management role. Be aware that you may need other qualifications, too: for example, you may need a business degree to work in export or marketing roles within the meat jobs sector. Making contacts within the industry is essential if you wish to find a position that puts you in control of the sales and export of meat, or even acquisition, which requires you to have a good working relationship with farmers.

Our meat industry jobs are also available on an international scale, and we have new vacancies appearing daily. For the pick of the best opportunities, get in touch at


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