Food Safety Jobs

Food Safety Jobs

Food safety is an integral part of the food production process, ensuring that food is safe for consumption and is also produced in a safe way. Not only is this essential for the producers of food, but also for the consumer – which may include yourself. There are lots of different roles to fill in this sector, from shop floor to senior management, as well as a large number of directions to go in. The main requirement is knowledge of food safety regulations and procedures, though this can also be gained through working experience.

If food safety jobs are your chosen career, then will give you the chance to find the best roles for your skills. We have a wide list of jobs within this field, from regional or company-wide managers down to team member positions. Whether you are just starting out in food safety or a seasoned veteran with expert knowledge, you can easily use our search functions to discover the vacancies which are perfect for you.

Degrees are not always required for this sector, though you may need a qualification in microbiology, food science, food technology, or a similar field. As you go towards the higher positions, you should be experienced in catering and retail sectors, as well as understanding the ins and outs of food safety legislation. You may also need HACCP qualifications and experience in food safety auditing in order to take a more senior role. You may work alone, or as part of a team in larger companies. With more experience you may lead regional teams, and may be responsible for driving safety initiatives across your group.

Our selection of food safety jobs is not limited to the UK, and is rapidly growing, with plenty of new vacancies appearing on a regular basis. Contact us at for the best opportunities in this sector.


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