Food Services Jobs

Food Services Jobs

Working in a food services job can actually mean a variety of different roles, working in both the kitchen and front-of-house. Traditionally in the UK waiting jobs have a high turnover in staff, but more senior and established positions tend to attract those interested in long-term careers in the industry.

If you are thinking of a career in a food service job, look no further than We have compiled a huge range of jobs within this sector that includes vacancies for sous chefs, assistant managers and general managers. There are positions that suit any level of experience from new graduates to veterans of the industry, and our easy-to-use search function will find them for you.

Since there are a great deal of different managerial roles, salaries can range from £20,000 to £26,000 dependent on experience and location. Many of these positions do not require specific qualifications, but a related degree is always helpful, as well as evidence of past success in similar roles. If you are stuck at a certain level, gaining a vocational qualification or diploma can help you make the step up. Senior managers are able to earn more, with an average salary of around £30,000 across the UK.

Chef salaries begin at an average of £19,000 for sous chefs and rise to about £24,000 for head chefs. Generally advancement is via experience, but ambitious chefs often find working for top restaurants is a great career boost. The hours are long and the pay generally lower for those working as trainees in Michelin-starred restaurants, but with that experience getting a well-paid job elsewhere is easier.

Our selection of food services jobs is always growing, and our client network is adopting a global scope—meaning our jobs are not limited to the UK alone. There is a whole world of opportunity out there, with exciting vacancies available for the right candidates. For the very best in food jobs, contact today.


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