Food Processing Jobs

Food Processing Jobs

Working in food processing jobs can actually mean a broad cross-section of roles, each requiring different types of candidates and skill sets. Food processing involves working closely with food, including frozen, canned, baked and dried foods—often in factories that mass-produce consumer favourites. Tasks can involve checking supplies of raw materials, keeping machines clean and checking instrument gauges.

If you are thinking of a career in food processing jobs, look no further than We have compiled a huge range of jobs within this sector that includes vacancies for product engineers, technical assistants and managers. There are positions that suit any level of experience from new graduates to veterans of the industry, and our easy-to-use search function will find them for you.

Food processing jobs don't typically require applicants to have degrees, although GCSEs will usually be needed. Salaries start around £12,000p.a., and employees are expected to work 37-40 hours per week. There are many aspects to the industry though, and jobs like senior product engineer are paid significantly more due to the engineering knowledge and management skills required. Most universities in the UK run courses in engineering, and some of these courses can actually be combined with food science to make you exceptional amongst other applicants! Electrical knowledge can also be a boon, due to dealing with high voltage equipment in food processing factories—conveyor belts and the like, for instance.

Our selection of food processing jobs is always growing, and our client network is adopting a global scope—meaning our jobs are not limited to the UK alone. There is a whole world of opportunity out there, with exciting vacancies available for the right candidates. For the very best in food jobs, contact today.

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