Food PR Jobs

Food PR Jobs

Working in food PR jobs can actually mean a broad cross-section of roles, each requiring different types of candidates and skill sets. Working in public relations means you are in charge of a company's image and reputation, and requires candidates to be excellent communicators—as well as being able to build a network of contacts in PR and the media.


If you are thinking of a career in food PR jobs, look no further than We have compiled a huge range of jobs within this sector that includes vacancies for assistant brand managers and marketing managers. There are positions that suit any level of experience from new graduates to veterans of the industry, and our easy-to-use search function will find them for you.


Typically jobs in PR do not require special qualifications, although a degree in a relevant subject is always going to help. Salaries start around £18,000p.a., but have scope to grow rapidly as employees get to grips with what their roles are. Working weeks can be anywhere from 30-40 hours long, depending on the organisation and the role. It might be that you are part of a large PR team, or working alone—it is a job with a lot of variety. As you gain experience, you are given more and more responsibility—like that of 'brand manager'. In this role you are the public voice of the company, something vital in today's consumer world.


Our selection of food PR jobs is always growing, and our client network is adopting a global scope—meaning our jobs are not limited to the UK alone. There is a whole world of opportunity out there, with exciting vacancies available for the right candidates. For the very best in food jobs, contact today.


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