Drink Manufacturing Jobs

Drink Manufacturing Jobs

Working in the drink manufacturing industry can actually mean a broad cross-section of roles, each requiring different types of candidates and skill sets. The industry is part of the largest manufacturing sector in the UK, with over 8000 companies employing a whopping 400,000 people. According to the government, 10,000 new products are created in this sector every single year—meaning there is always room for growth and innovation.


If you are thinking of a career in drink manufacturing jobs, look no further than yourfoodjob.com. We have compiled a huge range of jobs within this sector that includes vacancies for development technologists, factory managers and development chefs. There are positions that suit any level of experience from new graduates to veterans of the industry, and our easy-to-use search function will find them for you.


Usually to be considered for jobs like development technologist in drink manufacturing, you will need a degree in food science or equivalent. The University of Nottingham, for example, runs a BSc in Food Science that actually includes a 'year in industry' where students have the chance to work with product creators first hand. According to alumni surveys, 60% of students were employed in managerial positions soon after graduation. Other useful qualifications for people looking to work in the drink manufacturing sector include the WSET awards program, teaching the ins and outs of wines and spirits.


Our selection of drink manufacturing jobs is always growing, and our client network is adopting a global scope—meaning our jobs are not limited to the UK alone. There is a whole world of opportunity out there, with exciting vacancies available for the right candidates. For the very best in food jobs, contact yourfoodjob.com today.


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