Environmental Food Jobs

Environmental Food Jobs

The future of the world will be defined by what present day people do to preserve the environment. This can take the form of recycling or turning off electronics when not in use—but on an industrial scale it takes the form of a push towards more sustainable practices, and the food industry is no exception. Nowadays we are physically and spiritually separated from the production of food, and often know little of the journey food has taken to arrive on our tables. Companies of all sizes in the food industry are constantly looking to lessen their carbon footprint and improve sustainability practices, so are on the look-out for fresh and forward-thinking talent to recruit. Everyone from school-leavers to veterans of the food industry can make their mark and contribute to the longevity of our planet. There are many different kinds of jobs under this umbrella, so why not start your journey and click here for environmental food jobs.


One of the more usual jobs in this field is that of a compliance coordinator. This employee ensures that the business meets the stringent standards set by the Food Standards Agency. The FSA works to improve modern businesses by having everyone follow guidelines to lessen the environmental impact of food production. Because companies source their ingredients and equipment from many different suppliers it is paramount that all of the companies in the 'food chain' operate under the same rules—for instance, it doesn't matter if the factory producing the end product is following the guidelines if none of its suppliers are. A compliance coordinator is also in charge of keeping a business' environmental permits up to date with current laws, and ensuring that every aspect of the factory or company meets health and safety requirements. Talented compliance coordinators are in demand now more than ever following several meat scandals, in particular the case of eastern European suppliers contaminating the food chain with illicit horse meat.


Other important environmental food jobs include that of process improvement specialist. This is the person who continuously works to improve the efficiency and sustainability of food production for any given company. This type of position often attracts people who want to feel like they are making a difference to the world, who are passionate about preserving the resources and landscape of the UK at the same time as making an exceptional product. Because the modern food chain can be so complex and multi-faceted, process improvement specialists have to be well-educated and find that their skills make them hot property in the food industry. This job also requires excellent interpersonal skills, since so much of the work to improve food chains involves dealing with senior employees of other (even rival) companies. Veteran specialists have large, well-maintained networks of contacts so that they can source ingredients in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way.


Health and safety knowledge is usually considered par for the course when working in an environmental food job, and candidates are expected to both know and understand the myriad of laws pertaining to the business they wish to work for. Different foodstuffs need to meet different health and safety standards—failure to comply often means the costly shut down of factories until they are capable of passing inspection.


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