Prepared meals food jobs

Prepared meals food jobs

The dizzying pace of the modern world is such that many working people are forced to fit their meals in wherever they can—meaning food that requires little-to-no preparation and minimal cooking time is favoured above all other options. Everyone from school-leavers to graduates to veterans of the food industry can find suitable jobs and careers in connection with prepared meals.


'Prepared meals' as a term is a broad category that encompasses everything from ready meals to snack food-types, and as such businesses in this area tend to use a wide variety of ingredients and resources. It used to be that prepared meals were considered poor-tasting and fairly unimaginative—and then the industry as a whole took a hit when consumers discovered the high levels of salt, fat and preservatives contained in these meals. However, prepared meals are making something of a comeback recently due to the need for fast (but healthy) food. A cursory check on supermarket websites shows a much larger selection than ever before, including vegetable based meals and fish dishes. The old standbys like lasagne are still there, but more and more we are seeing a level of innovation unique to this industry. Sites such as provide exhaustive options for people who are too busy to cook for themselves or too inexperienced in the kitchen to produce a decent meal themselves.


One reason prepared meals are booming in popularity is because of their use as a diet aid. By ordering all of their meals from dieticians, people can lose weight by having someone else pick what they eat for them! Often these meals can be frozen and cooked whenever they are needed, adding to the convenience and ease of use for this product.


All of this means that there are more prepared meals food jobs than ever before, and that number is still growing. These products require talented chefs, designers, food developers and food technologists in abundance—and that's before we even consider marketing, manufacture and distribution positions.


An example of a job in prepared meals would be as a development technologist. This position is dedicated to ensuring food products are safely and efficiently mass-produced, as well as ensuring consistency in aspects such as flavour and texture. There are often several graduate positions available too, since once you have the knowledge, the skills needed will develop quickly. Having a younger workforce also enables companies to better target young demographics, whose tastes and desires are often different to that of their parents. Graduates working as development technologists can recognise young people's needs from their food. This job is also present in several government departments, where expert eyes are needed to be able to ensure sound oversight of the industry.


Becoming a technologist requires a degree in most cases, but luckily for young people there are several courses around the UK that teach the skills required, whether as part of a unit or as a vocational degree in its own right. Contacting experts in the field will give you a better idea of the requirements you need to fulfil and which path to pursue if your goal is to work in this section of the food industry.


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