Finance jobs

There are two main types of accountancy: financial accountancy and management accountancy and these are featured in all different sectors, including the food industry.

Broadly speaking, working as a financial accountant involves keeping and analysing financial records, profit and loss accounts and tax returns.

Management accountancy is centred around advising on financial planning and development; for example, the cost of expanding the business.

In both these branches of accountancy, you’ll keep detailed accounts and internal audits and produce regular statements on whether the company’s systems are efficient and cost-effective

To work as an Accountant in any of these sectors, you’ll need a qualification from a recognised Accountancy body, which generally takes 3 years’ study on top of your degree. Upon completion, you’re ready to take your first step into a finance role in the food industry!

For Industrial, Commercial and Private Practice, are the most popular qualifications.

CIMA and IFA provide qualifications for both Management and Financial Accountants working in Industry and Commerce, and also the Public Sector, but more often, Public Sector Accountants will hold the CIPFA qualification.

UK Accounting qualifications are recognised all over the world, so once you are qualified there is opportunity to work overseas.

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