NPD food jobs

NPD food jobs

New Product Development Jobs

New Product Development, NPD, means;  “process”, “creation”, “concept”, “launch”, “product development” which is the creation of products, new and existing, from concept stage through to launching the product in the retail market. NPD is a progressive function of any food manufacturing business and is an integral part of relationships between company and customer.

New Product Development jobs demand creative individuals who have a genuine passion for the food product they work with.

New Product Development (NPD) Jobs in the Food Industry:

Development Technologist - Deliver innovative and creative food solutions to meet customer demands/criteria. This involves working closely with all internal food manufacturing functions, keeping regular contact with the customer and delivering product ideas to deadlines.

Process Technologist - Provide a key link between NPD and production in the food factory to ensure the smooth transition of new products from concept through to launch; accounting for timescales, company procedures, customer codes of practice and cost.

Development Manager - Manage and take responsibility for innovation and product development with key customers. This will be done through the team management, delivering product solutions to tight deadlines and keeping within agreed budgets.

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