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Organic food jobs is a leading recruiter of talented professionals with a penchant for working in the food industry. Our portfolio of jobs is extensive, so whether you’re a budding chef or an established finance professional, we can find you a role which will enable you to carve a successful career.

Organic food jobs are becoming more prevalent due to the increasing number of organic food companies entering the organic food market and it is great to be able to move into a new and exciting sector in which you can establish yourself as a thought leader or innovator. If you’re interested in the creation of new products, then a job as a food technologist may be your bread and butter. You will be required to have a creative mind-set and come up with product ideas which tap into unsaturated markets. A passion for food is imperative, in addition to being knowledgeable about ingredients, quality control processes and documenting product specifications.

Organic food suppliers often need drivers to transport their goods, which is further proof of how extensive employment is within the organic food industry. Organic food companies also need staff which can drive the business forward and seek new client relationships to drive profitability and growth. You will need to display a proven track record of bringing in business at a reputable company, possess excellent communication skills and be able to adapt to a fast paced environment.

Other organic food jobs exist in the realm of quality control, a critical role in any industry, especially the organic food industry. You must possess knowledge of quality control processes and regulatory policies to adhere to, and you may be expected to be involved in the development of new practises and processes to improve existing systems in accordance with the demands of the industry.

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