Dairy Industry Jobs

Dairy Industry Jobs

The dairy industry covers a wide range of positions and isn’t just limited to farming or the milk man. Large companies involved in dairy production often need quality control staff to ensure production standards are met and the time for coordinating these projects is also maintained. Skills needed for these roles will include: department liaising, effective communication with staff, organisation and management skills, and knowledge of dairy quality control tests. If you have experience in quality control for food production then perhaps you should consider a job in the dairy industry.

There a number of jobs in the dairy industry, particularly for food engineers. Engineers with experience in operational equipment, fixing and modifying mechanical equipment and developing new technology are a desirable commodity. Dairy engineers will be required to perform industry research to ensure the methods are up to date and have produce the best results. This may include site testing alongside a technical support team.

All businesses require sales associates, and even when recruiting for the dairy industry it is crucial to employ an enthusiastic and passionate sales team to develop client relationships and push products in to the market. Members of a dairy sales team will ideally have experience in the dairy or agricultural industry and therefore, knowledge of different products or technological developments. However, a proven track record of sales experience will appeal to any business owner who is looking to push their project sin to the market. Key skills will include: effective communication, departmental liaising, account management and the ability to convey the needs of the customer to managers and other staff members.

Desirable qualifications for dairy industry jobs 
• An agricultural qualification, preferably to a degree level. 
• Completed training courses in liquid milk and cream processing, dairy microbiology, dairy science and evaporation and drying of dairy products. 
• Dairy plant, equipment hygiene and CIP. 
• NVQ Dairy industry skills.

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