Food Manufacturing Jobs

Food Manufacturing Jobs

Food Manufacturing Jobs Food manufacturing and Food Production is the UK’s largest manufacturing and production sector with a turnover of £80billion a year, employing over 500,000 people.

Given it is home to some of the biggest brands in the world (Cadbury and Mars for example) it’s no surprise that food manufacturer jobs and Food Production Jobs are now regarded as some of the most sought after careers in the country.

Food manufacturing jobs and jobs in food production entails the manufacturing, packing and distribution of every food item you can think of: baked beans, canned soup, chocolate bars and bottles of beer. You name it, somewhere in the UK there is a food manufacturer producing your favourite foods.

We all need to eat of course, so it’s relatively unaffected by the recent economic challenges meaning jobs in food manufacturing and food production can offer job security, better than average levels of remuneration and fantastic career opportunities. It’s for these reasons that such jobs are proving such an attraction for people with transferable skills looking at careers in food manufacturing and food production.

Senior Food manufacturing jobs and food production jobs are generally aimed at people that hold a technical, engineering or science related qualification but not necessarily to degree level either. There is a lot of food production and food manufacturing recruitment aimed at graduates and apprentices right now and with good reason. The industry needs 20,000 food apprenticeships in place in the next decade and most food manufacturing jobs and food production jobs aimed at those leaving education for example will automatically involve on-going, high-quality training schemes ranging from NVQ levels 1&2 for new starters to Institute of Leadership and Management Levels 3-5 for graduates and existing managers keen to develop their skills.

As well as on the job training, preparing people to be tomorrows food industry leaders. But don’t think it’s easy. Most food factories are operating 365 days a year around the clock meaning hard work is the order of the day for jobs in food production and manufacturing so expect to work awkward shift patterns including the dreaded night shift. In return expect a rewarding, lifelong food career. Food manufacturing jobs and Jobs in Food production vary and include packers & pickers, manufacturing team leaders, FLMs (front line managers) all the way up to manufacturing managers and directors.

So, if you think you could handle working in a chocolate factory all day, helping to produce some of the world’s favourite sweet treats register with, we truly are the home of UK food manufacturing recruitment.

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