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Product Manager

£38000 - £40000 per annum
11 Sep 2017
09 Oct 2017
Lucy Mckinna-Whitby
Contract Type
Full Time

Working in the capital, developing tasty, on trend, food for the major retailers - what is not to like!

I won't lie, having a career in NPD is a challenging one! Everyone thinks that all you do all day is cook and eat - but we know different! Admittedly there are some really positive aspects about the role - the travel, the eating out, the diverse days, but if you are doing your job to the best of your abilities, there are some hard parts too.

Such as...

Customer service - You have an excellent, relaxed and friendly - but efficient - way about your relationship with the customer. From a distance you make it look easy, but you work hard at getting to know the types of character you are working with so you can develop an excellent rapport with each and every contact.

Hours - essentially this is a Monday to Friday 8.30-5 role. However when the review seasons are coming up or the customer is coming on site first thing in the morning there is preparation to be done to ensure that everything runs smoothly without the appearance of effort.

Innovation - This can be a challenge to even the most creative of people. Sometimes you do get the "writers block" equivalent when you have been asked for yet more new ideas. But you always manage to dig deep and throw in some ideas to the team who take them and run with them.

But as well as the hard parts there are some really positive sides to the role of Product Development Manager. You wouldn't be in this role if you didn't like food - and there is always plenty of delicious, attractive food to be experienced! Even a small thing like the staff shop is actually a huge perk. Evening meals are never an issue - there is always plenty to choose from!

The opportunity to join this business will bring with it the opportunity to work with a fantastic team which is one of the huge factors which help to make your time in employment a positive one.

And don't forget - you'll be working in one of the best cities in the world - think of all the amazing restaurants and food markets that are at your disposal.

How can you resist the opportunity to join one of the most dynamic food manufacturing businesses in the world? Apply today - don't let this one slip you by!

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