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With nearly 100 years of experience and active in over 100 countries today, the name of Palsgaard has become synonymous with the manufacture and supply of emulsifiers and stabilizers to the global confectionery, dairy, ice cream, bakery, mayonnaise, margarine, meat and related food industries.

We have a thorough, international knowledge of the food sector as well as deep development and testing experience. And we're keen to share it with our customers.

We are "heart working"

Palsgaard was founded on a strong philosophy of loyalty, commitment and responsibility, and this philosophy is kept alive in the heart and actions of every employee today. We consider ourselves to be genuinely "heart working people", i.e. what we do comes from the heart with dedication as our way of working and thinking. This attitude is reflected in our commitment to meet and exceed even the most challenging of our customers' needs. 

The Schou Foundation

Palsgaard is owned by the Schou Foundation, the main purpose of which is to operate by supporting relevant research for industry and development and to maintain the Palsgaard Estate for the overall benefit of its employees and the local community. Being owned by a foundation gives Palsgaard the freedom to take a more holistic, long-term view on investments and activities, as opposed to focusing solely on financial performance. 

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