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Grow at Arla – a natural part of everyday life

At Arla, we do so much more than make some of the world’s favorite dairy products. We make healthy taste delicious, mornings worth getting up for and family dinners unforgettable. Being part of all this and one of the biggest high-tech dairies in the world, means that you’re not just realising your potential. It means that you play a vital and natural part of everyday life, making a difference to both consumers and colleagues around the world.

Arla is a cooperative owned by 12,500 farmers from seven different countries, and as a cooperative company, our mission is to secure the highest value for our farmers’ milk while creating opportunities for their growth.

We believe that milk is nature's best food product, and we are proud to process milk into yogurt, cheese, butter, milk powder and many other dairy products to the benefit and delight of people in more than 100 countries. We are the world’s 5th largest dairy company with operations in 30 different countries and in 2014 we produced around 25 billion milk glasses. Lining up all the glasses would be enough to circle the Earth’s equator 47 times!

At Arla we are all a part of a global team with great ambitions, challenging tasks, and plenty of development opportunities. We combine traditional craftsmanship and world-class technologies, making sure we consider nature in every aspect of our supply chain – from the farm to your kitchen. By pursuing growth for Arla we share a higher purpose of making the world a healthier, more inspiring place to wake up to, and being a part our company means, that you’re not just learning special skills. You’re creating special moments. 

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