• Tesco and John Lewis have recently complained about the competition.

  • I am constantly being told by some wholesale intermediaries that we are too expensive

  • Visit one of the offices of the UK’s big Retailers, take a moment and listen to the various commercial conversations and you will find that a major buzzword that is used more and more, particularly when discussing future strategy is ‘online.’
  • The UK really is a world leader when it comes to Grocery Retailing; we have both some of the largest operations (Tesco is ranked no.3 in the world, source: Planet Retail) and the most advanced (The use of Nectar Card data to profile consumers, through Aimia in conjunction with Sainsbury is becoming more and more sophisticated).

  • 2012 was a bad year in volume terms for the Soft Drinks Category, which is really quite surprising considering the Summer of sport (The Olympics, Euro 2012, The Ryder Cup, Wimbledon etc).