Published on: 10 Feb 2016

Witney Food FestivalThe popularity of food festivals continues to rise as more and more people come around to the idea of expanding their food horizons. Producers get a chance to meet their customers face to face—often for the first time—and gain invaluable insight as to what works and what needs work. It's been shown time and time again that the public enjoys spending at these events, especially if they feel they are presented with a unique opportunity. The Witney Food Festival is no exception, attracting thousands of people despite not being held in London or any of the other major urban areas. A leafy Oxford postcode offers a chance at something a little different.

The Witney Food Festival is held in the gorgeous grounds of St. Mary's Church in Oxfordshire. The festival itself makes only a small profit for the organisers, and all of it is donated to the parish of Witney to help worthy causes. This sense of community coming together is what makes the festival so special, what makes it stand out from other food-centric events. The festival is lucky enough to enjoy the backing of several local businesses who generously act as sponsors. This year it will be held on 21st May 2016, hoping to take advantage of the typically good weather the region tends to enjoy at this time of year. This is the third year the festival has run, the first one being back in 2013—that one in particular was a highlight due to the presence of comedian and television presenter Alexander Armstrong, who lives in the area and was only more than happy to help promote local producers.

Food FestivalsThe Witney Food Festival offers several different types of food, broken down into categories on the website. The main attractions are the baked goods stalls, including the Blackberry Cottage stall—a firm favourite of the locals. For sale are cakes with 'secret ingredients', often vegetables(!) which might take you by surprise sometimes but are guaranteed to impress with their flavours and textures. If that doesn't appeal, perhaps a visit to Fair & Square Brownies will ease that sweet tooth. Not only are the brownies made with locally sourced ingredients, they are suitable for the growing number of Celiac sufferers in the UK since they are made to a delicious gluten-free recipe.

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