Who are the Potato Council?

Published on: 9 Mar 2015

Who are the Potato Council?

Within the food industry there are many food or drink products that need protection and appreciation in order to keep them relevant within the food industry.  At yourfoodjob we offer the chance to explore the food industry companies that exist through our Job board and our Careers Advice page and help you gain knowledge on the growing important areas within the food industry.

The Potato Council is a website set up to reflect the Potato Council division of the Agriculture & Horticulture development board. The divisions aim is to represent and support the British Potato industry through its continued commitment.  

The Potato Council website aims to educate readers about the different areas related to potatoes and the potato issues that exist on a wider scale.potato council logo

An example of this can be found in the seed and export page. This page shows how demand for the British seed is something that helps towards the growth of the seed Potato industry, and is particularly favoured by those overseas.  

The seed and export department have a clear objective which is:

‘’To help seed growers to further grow their markets through meeting customer requirements, producing a high quality product and promoting the technical benefits of British seed’’

The British seed is vital for the Potato Council, who works to ensure British seed growers deliver top quality products for their consumers. They also work with stakeholders and the government in order to protect the health of the plants and the quality of the seeds.

The Potato Council aims to educate people about issues such as seed quality and preservation, whilst promoting seed potatoes overseas etc.

Who is on the Potato Council board?

The Potato Council members are decided by the Board of AHDB through an open appointments process.

The Potato Council board meets six times a year, and are expected to attend vital meetings and other work projects with the aim of improving areas related to the potato industry etc. Any work they are asked to do is done so with the aim of working to improve this vital area within the food industry.

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The Potato Council website offers a range of interesting web pages to help build your knowledge of the industry and its importance.

A Knowledge Transfer page expresses how the Knowledge transfer team is dedicated to improving the flow and knowledge within the supply chain in order to improve crop value, production costs and the environmental and rule changes that exist within the food industry.

The Potato Council focuses on portraying their knowledge on a variety of issues such as Fight against Blight, Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) aphids and virus, soil, water, nutrition, energy, storage and business improvement .They also ensure that legislature changes are known also.

The Potato Council allows you to check the profit that lies within your Potato business, as well as allowing you to understand and make the most of production costs. Knowing your production costs gives you the best chance of ironing out potential errors that could negatively affect your business.  

Marketing and Corporate affairs

The Marketing and Corporate affairs page focuses on sustaining long term demand for the potato and ensuring that its importance is kept relevant. The Potato Council work with schools, consumers, the government, the media and key people in the industry to market the importance of the Potato. Essentially the Potato Council works on behalf of the industry to share the message that Potatoes are healthy and sustainable products.

The Potato Council use all the relevant tools in order to utilise all the best marketing techniques available. The Potato Council relies on public relations tools, social media, leaflets, websites and advertising. They promote the healthy side of potatoes and how they are a healthy and versatile product.

With more and more people opting to eat healthier food, informing people on the benefits of Potatoes and their healthy qualities is something the Potato Council aims to do. By targeting industries such as the government, the Potato Council markets the idea of a healthy diet through eating products such as Potatoes.

There are five key ways that the Potato Council markets their ideas:

1. Collaborate – They work with other campaigns and news to get the message out there and promote their ideas to the whole industry. 

2. Understand- The Potato Council builds up their knowledge of the younger consumers to collect data and use it towards understanding the industry better.

3. Promote- The Potato Council promotes their ideas through listening to market research and creating campaigns etc. to reflect this.

4. Educate- The main aim of the Potato Council is to educate younger people on Potato issues with the hopes that they would eat healthier and rely on Potatoes etc. in their diets.

5. Inform- We know that institutes such as the government and Media need all the facts to portray the relevant message to a wider audience, and we aim to help people understand this message through these outlets.

Overall the Potato Council works to improve understanding within the food industry. With many programmes available to portray how healthy potatoes are for a person’s diet, the Potato Council hopes that industries such as the media and the government will take note.

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