Who are The British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF)?

Published on: 6 May 2015

The Food Industry is one that relies on many different companies to make it whole. One main section of the food industry revolves around frozen foods, which has developed into companies and organisations being developed that analyse and trade in British Frozen Food.  

British Frozen Food Federation british frozen food federation logo(BFFF) is the UK’S frozen food trade association that consists of around 300 members. The BFFF includes members in areas such as producers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, brokers and more institutions associated with the food industry.  

The main goal of the BFFF is bringing the Frozen Food Industry together.

What is Frozen Food?

Frozen Foods are food that has been frozen and preserved from the time the food is prepared, to the time it is consumed. Freezing food has many benefits, including slowing down decomposition and hindering the growth of harmful bacteria.  

In the modern world many people freeze their food at home using household freezers. This process is one that is favoured by supermarkets and groups such as the Food Standards Agency, who acknowledge the benefits of freezing food on the day of purchase up until the products ‘use by’ date. 


Being a member of the BFFF has many advantages to those who have an interest in areas of the food industry.  Membership in the BFFF provides the opportunity for frozen food companies and those associated with the food industry to gain further understanding of how the BFFF operates. A BFFF membership allows members to gain awareness, both at commercial and legislative levels, whilst gaining an understanding of how the BFFF helps promote the industry. 

A membership within The British Frozen Food Federation is unique and substantial. The membership allows a wide range of companies to experience the BFFF, and this diversity helps when it comes to influencing the government or outside companies.

As well as the benefits within the BFFF and the food industry, being a member of the BFFF can provide valuable exposure for you or your company and help when it comes to targeting your advertising within the frozen food market.

The BFFF distribute an exclusive magazine for BFFF members entitled Bulletin, which is printed 6 times a year. This professional distribution has a readership of around 2,500 industry leaders, decision makers and buyers and is the ideal resource to inform, advise and provide valuable help and information. 

The Bulletin is ideal for those who wish to target their advertising directly towards the frozen food industry, and it also is a cost effective way of ensuring your advertisement reaches the major decision players within this industry.

Frozen Food industry statistics

Statistics can be vital when it comes to analysing and improving an industry. The BFFF look closely at statistics such as in areas of Frozen food market statistics which are then analysed on a year by year basis. These figures are provided by Kantar Worldpanel and the overview frozen food imagehelps members and other organisations to analyse the real position of frozen food in the market place. 

As well as this the BFFF also focus on different sectors within the food service market. Horizons FS ltd supply the vital statistics which help companies analyse the sectors such as catering, cost, restaurants and more.

The BFFF Team

Every good organisation needs a smart and dedicated team to ensure that all the criteria for success are met. The BFFF team consists of many hard working and dedicated team members who work tirelessly to promote and protect the Frozen Food Industry.  The BFFF team actively support members and their membership and they help all companies gain as much awareness about the frozen food industry and the BFFF as possible. 

News and Events

As with any organisation the BFFF hold many different events which help bring members together and share valuable ideas. The many events are highlighted in the news and events section of the BFFF website which is home to many interesting and informative news articles about the BFFF and global issues relating to the food industry.  

The News and Events page covers all the latest news and events within the BFFF as well as highlighting and sharing the federation’s commercial activities such as the Dinner Dance and Annual Luncheon

As well as this the news and events page offers the chance to publicise your companies news to a wider audience, and provides the chance for readers to send in their relevant news stories or images.  

Promotion/Media Library

Promotion and Media is very important for any organisation or business that wants to relay their business message on a wider scale.  

The BFFF have a media library that is used to promote frozen foods to consumers and key people within the food service industry. The media library aims to promote the values of frozen food.

The BFFF have an annual promotion campaign which funds independent research into the benefits of frozen food; benefits such as nutritional goodness and the excellent value of frozen food.   

As well as promotion, advertising, media and statistics there are a variety of reasons to become a member with the BFFF.


When it comes to the food industry it is important to educate yourself on all the relevant industries, organisations and news related to food issues around the world.

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The BFFF may be a federation that explores and promotes the benefits of frozen food, but there are many other companies within the food industry that require people with strong knowledge and proven skills within the food industry.

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