Wetherspoons Launches New Ordering App

Published on: 27 Mar 2017

Lazy customers at Wetherspoons can now order their food and drinks without even getting out of their chairs, thanks to a new app launched by the company.

The app, which is free to download, will be a boon for those who don’t want to queue at the bar for orders.

Order & Pay App

The app is called Order & Pay, and can now be downloaded from the iTunes or Google Play app stores.

Food AppWhen you order your food or drinks via the app, it will be delivered to your table by a member of staff. All Wetherspoons branches across the UK are now accepting the app and will honour orders made through it. There are 903 branches of the chain to choose from, and you just have to give your table number in order to get everything put through. You can even pay through the app, with card, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Android Pay options available.

The app could be great for those who aren’t able to leave their table. People who are dining alone, those who are less mobile, and families are going to benefit the most from the app. Rather than losing the table, having kids unattended, or needing support to stand, they can now simply order in comfort.

This is certainly a great food marketing tactic, as it means that the chain will appeal more to those who want a hassle-free dining experience.

Mixed Reactions

So far, reviews for the app have been mixed. It has an average rating of 3.1 stars on the Google Play app store, with views ranging the gamut of the 5 possible stars.

One customer gave it 5 stars, and said: “Pub was really busy. But from sitting down at a table to beer in my hand was less than three mins. Including entering my details and using PayPal. Awesome! I’ve been waiting for an app like this for years.”

Another voted 2 stars, with this comment attached: “Doesn’t include all drink options! Specially annoying when it’s the drink you prefer! Also would be better if when choosing the food and drink deals, there is an option when booking and not have to go to drinks menu separately and wait for discount to be applied on ordering.”

There have been some teething problems with the app so far, it seems. One customer was very much unimpressed, saying, “I’m fuming! It said there was an error with payment but it took money. No food came and staff said no order came through. Rang bank and they said it had charged my account three times!! Staff refused to do anything even with proof from the bank. This is theft!”

Future of Food

Could this be the future of food service in sales and commercial settings?

Burger & BeerMost busy pubs could benefit from an app that takes orders, although of course it could lead to an increased wait time as orders are not slowed down in the queue. Many restaurants already offer the chance to pay via an app rather than waiting for the bill to come through to your table, and this is merely an extension of that.

Could we see this change becoming commonplace in the next 5 to 10 years? It is certainly conceivable, especially once the kinks are ironed out from the technology. If the app works well for Wetherspoons, other brands could soon be developing their own versions.

So what’s next after this? Cynics will no doubt say that we should be expecting robot waiters to deliver our food, but that is a reality very far away.