Unsafe Product Recall on UK Frozen Foods

Published on: 27 Jan 2017

Packaged fishUK consumers are being warned to check their freezers after a product recall on frozen food.

It was discovered that MDA Products Limited had had their foods repackaged in unapproved premises, meaning that the appropriate health and safety checks had not been carried out.

Frozen Products Recalled

The range of foods from MDA Products Ltd which have been recalled includes several types of fish and chicken. They are all frozen products. The names on the list are as follows:

- 4 Cod Fillets wrapped in crunchy golden breadcrumbs, 480g

- Lytham Fish Co. Basa Fillets, 800g

- Lytham Fish Co. 100% White Fish Fillet Burgers, 4 pack, 460g

- Tasty Chicken Co. Chicken Fillets in Tomato and Herb Marinade 400g

- Alaskan Pollock Fillets, wrapped in crunchy golden breadcrumbs, 500g

- Lytham Fish Co. 16 Seafood Sticks, 200g

- 3 Chicken and Spinach Escalopes

- Breaded Hake Goujons, 500g

- Cod Bites, 500g

- Cod Fillets 500g

- Panga White Fish Fillets, 1kg

It appears that the products were sold in shops including Factory Foods, Home Bargains, Frozen Value Ltd, Fulton Foods, and Jack Fultons. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS) issued a joint statement warning consumers to stay away from them. Check your freezer if you shop at any of those locations, and if you have any products from similar ranges to be certain as to whether or not you have the items listed.

Fish BurgersThere was concern that the repackaging process could have extended the best before dates beyond what the manufacturer had intended. This means that food could go bad before it is expected to. This was something that should have been stopped by production and manufacturing professionals before the food was sold. If you have purchased any of the products listed, you should be able to return them for the store where you purchased them for a refund or exchange.

Health Alert Warning

An FSS spokeswoman said: “FSS has today issued a FAFA to heads of environmental health services at Scottish local authorities regarding a number of food products, mainly frozen fish and chicken, which have been repackaged in unapproved premises and are therefore potentially unsafe, by MDA Products Ltd. These products are also the subject of a number of labelling and tractability contraventions. They may have ‘best before’ or ‘use by’ dates that have been extended beyond those set by the manufacturers and without authorisation. They are not compliant with food law requirements and should be withdrawn from the market and recalled from consumers.”

A FAFA is a Food Alert For Action. This means that all management at the affected branches should have been alerted as to the status of the food, and that all refunds should be processed without any issues. It also means that you can find more information in branch if needed.

When working with fresh produce, it is very important that the use by dates are kept as they should be. A lot of work goes into determining the optimal time products will stay fresh for, and when part of the frozen food chain, products often spend weeks or even months in transit and processing. That is why the use by dates are so important. Extending the dates can be common process in manufacturing, but only when it has been approved and is safe to do so.

If you have one of the products in your freezer, it is not advised that you try defrosting them and eating them. While they may appear to be in date and safe to eat, this may not be the case.