University of Wolverhampton

Published on: 11 May 2015

The University of Wolverhampton has a long and substantial history of providing its students with the opportunities and results that can be achieved through top class education.

The University of Wolverhampton is a major player university in the UK higher education sector and the outstanding results and dedication to education has led to the University of Wolverhampton possessing an outstanding reputation.  

The University boasts award winning teaching staff, state of the art facilities, international partnerships, strong business links and innovative research. Becoming a student at Wolverhampton means that as a graduate you have the opportunity to benefit from the strong teaching and facilities on campus, as well as gaining valuable contacts when it comes to finding work opportunities, internships or planning for your future career.

There are a wide range of exciting opportunities and rewards on offer to students at this university. There are over 300 available courses on offer where 94% of students graduate and are employable. The University of Wolverhampton has many contacts and has partnerships with over 1000 businesses.  The university has 14 research centres with elements rating as world leading, and the university campus has improved and modernised after a £45 campus investment. The two year improvements have helped create many outstanding campus facilities, including the multi- million Rosalind Franklin Science building and business school.

university of wolverhampton

History of University of Wolverhampton

The University of Wolverhampton can trace its roots back to Wolverhampton’s Mechanics Institute and College of Arts which existed in the mid-1800s. In the years that followed, these institutions were combined with teacher training and health colleges that helped establish the rich heritage and vocational opportunities that the University of Wolverhampton provides today.    

The strong history behind the success of the university is based around the universities motto: ‘Innovation and Opportunity’. The University aims to fulfil this statement through widening participation in education and offering a wide range of courses that are designed to challenge students and help them reach their potential.

The accomplishments of the University make it a well-known establishment locally, nationally and globally.  The University takes pride in its success in contributing to knowledge, the economy, wealth and social justice.

As the University expands and builds upon its knowledge, students can look forward to newer courses, improved facilities and new ventures.   

Why choose Wolverhampton?

Wolverhampton ImageWolverhampton is a city in the West Midlands that is a large urban city outside of London. Throughout the years the city has grown from a market town to a major industrial centre which gives Wolverhampton a rich history of mining and production expertise. Today the city specialises in engineering and the service sector and is an ideal location for students looking to put their work into practice through work experience etc.  

As Wolverhampton is a vibrant location it has many tourist spots and local entertainment to keep student or visitors entertained throughout the week.

For those who appreciate art, Wolverhampton is home to the Wolverhampton Art Gallery. The popular art gallery is merely a 5 minute walk from the bus and railway station and is open throughout the week with free entry. The award winning gallery is home to fantastic displays of art including Victorian and Georgian paintings. The gallery offers a sensory experience through an interactive exhibition and has an onsite café to relax and unwind after a day of experiencing the rich culture the gallery offers.  

Students can appreciate the Sports and Leisure facilities in Wolverhampton, including the Aldersley Leisure Village. As well as this the Wolves museum is a prime location for those who appreciate sports, and visitors can enjoy this museum which aims to educate about the history of the city’s football club and the science behind the modern game.

The Grand Theatre is a Grade II listed building that consistently entertains visitors and locals with the many productions regularly shown. The entertainment ranges from ballet to musicals and is home to one of the country’s biggest annual pantomimes.

Getting there

As a popular city Wolverhampton benefits from its easy to reach location, with the city being located near several motorways, including the M6.  Wolverhampton train station welcomes regular rail service into and out of the city, with links to London Euston, Birmingham and Manchester etc. As well as this the main bus station in Wolverhampton, is located near the railway station which makes connections and further travel reliable and easy to access.  The nearest major airport to Wolverhampton is Birmingham airport which is located 25m miles away and is easily reached via train or car etc.

Food related courses

There are a wide range of food related undergraduate courses available at the University of Wolverhampton which are perfect for any student who wishes to work towards a career in the food industry.

Working within the food industry means there are many different sectors to take advantage of. The food industry ranges from areas related to advertising and packaging, all the way to the science behind food and its ingredients etc.

The University of Wolverhampton offers courses such as an Environmental Health course, which allows students to learn about how industries can help protect public health through the environment and other factors.

This course aims to educate students on the importance of environmental factors in relation to public health. This can be a necessary benefit in the food industry when it comes to dealing with potential issues such as an outbreak of food positioning or a contamination of the environment, which can affect public health and areas within the food industry.

This course aims to develop multidisciplinary knowledge and understanding of the vital areas within environmental health as well as providing practical skills to help develop skills set and knowledge for a career in environmental health.  The course is a practice based course which combines practical cases with real life examples, and allows students to develop their decisions and learn about protecting public health and promoting general well-being.  The course lasts for four years, including a placement year, and this allows students to make the most out of teaching and practical training all whilst conducting independent research.

University life

If you are a food student who wishes to live and study at The University of Wolverhampton then you will benefit from the new improvements made towards campus life

Becoming a student of a food related course will benefit your future food industry career in many ways. The practical and educational teaching you receive at the University of Wolverhampton will help you get the most out of the university contacts and work placements on offer to all students who want it.

The new campus, and exciting city life, will fit in nicely with the student life, and students will feel the benefits of the modern campus, facilities and outstanding teaching available at the University of Wolverhampton.