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Published on: 10 Mar 2015

Going to university is one of the most important and life changing decisions you will make in your early adult years.

Many people struggle to choose the right university, course and location for them and rely on all the help they can when deciding where and what to study.

The University of Leeds was founded in 1904 but its brilliance has been noted since 1831 with the Leeds school of medicine.

The Leeds campus boasts valuable new improvements including a new fitness centre, accommodation and learning facilities. As well as being an ideal place in general to study, the University of Leeds is a great place to study if you wish to pursue a career in the Food industry.

Food Science and Nutrition is a popular programme at the University of Leeds, and is one that prepares people to become future leaders in this field. The food science and nutrition programme is listed as one of the top ranking in the country.  The programme focuses on understanding the nature of raw food materials, its transformation into products and the long term health effects food and drink can have on our health. All this work and learning will prepare anyone for a food industry career and job, and will help when fully understanding what it means to be a part of the food and drink industry.  

Many graduates have gone on to hold key positions within the food industry and have all been successful through the courses the university provides.

If you are a Graduate looking for the next step, our food jobs in Leeds can help you seek out the best opportunities Leeds has on offer, for all levels of food industry work.   

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Living in Leeds

There are many great attractions to see in Leeds, with a bustling environment to surround yourself with as you learn.  There’s the Opera and the Ballet, food and shopping and even an International Film Festival!

Getting to Leeds couldn’t be easier as its one of the country’s most accessible cities. There are frequent direct trains from London to Leeds that also extends to Scotland, The Midlands etc.  Leeds is easy to reach by car, coach or taxi and Leeds international airport is conveniently situated eight miles north of the city.

London is no longer the only place to experience culture, as Leeds is frequently being visited by people wanting to experience the rich theatre and niche galleries Leeds has to offer. As well as this there are monasteries such as Kirkstall Abbey or Abbey House that will help immerse you into the culture of the past, whilst being surrounded by the bustling modern life in Leeds. There are many places to relax such as Roundhay Park and Tropical World which is home to the largest collection of tropical plants, fish, monkeys and reptiles to enjoy.

However as any student knows the most popular experiences are found in the nightlife. Leeds has many bars and clubs spread across the city, with a very vibrant and cosmopolitan feel. As Leeds is home to over 200,000 students there are numerous people to meet and places to go, from student bars to trendy wine bars. When all the drinking and partying has been done, Leeds offers numerous places to dine out that will meet any of your food desires.

Careers and Employment with Leeds University

A career in the food industry can be hard to obtain, yet Graduates from food and nutrition courses are in high demand.

Leeds is a desirable location for food companies to visit in order to recruit the best talent. Many past Graduates have gone on to succeed in the food industry and have held important positions within their career.

Healthy food is a strong issue in the food industry in the modern world, and more and more students are being targeted to help work in the food industry to improve these changes. Many companies offer starting salaries of £22,000 and offer the opportunity to increase to £65,000 in senior positions.

Graduates in Food Science ensure all food products found in supermarkets or stores are safe and tasty to eat.  They can also hold positions where they oversee food manufacturing, research and technical services that all help the food industry run.

Graduates who specialise in Nutrition can work as nutritionists within food companies and other health related companies. They help conduct research, help with public health promotions, marketing and other areas of consumer work.

The food industry relies on many different areas, and Food science and Nutrition graduates are perfect to cover these areas. A degree in this field can ensure someone works in all areas related to promotion, marketing and labelling and management.

No matter what decision you make regarding your degree or career path, the Food industry is open to all disciplines to help it run smoothly. At Leeds University there are extensive courses and opportunities available that cover a wide range of science and food disciplines that can kick start your food industry career.

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All experience in the food industry is beneficial when it comes to applying for a food industry job.

Leeds University offers a ‘Year in Industry’ scheme where you gain experience, a wage and knowledge and opportunity to express at further interviews. Any experience can help towards knowing valuable parts of the food industry, but it can also help build your confidence.

There have been many placements in companies such as Marks and spencer’s, Sainsbury’s and Nestle etc.

Although Leeds University offers many exciting chances in the Food industry, also has many opportunities to start an exciting food industry career.   

Our job board offers the chance to explore all the jobs available from graduate to corporate roles. It is a great place to explore your future chances but also see what types of positions to prepare for.

As well as this our search recruiters page can help you find companies in Leeds or elsewhere, that can help you with research and opportunities to start your graduate career!