University of Glasgow

Published on: 18 Nov 2016

<p><strong><u>University of Glasgow</u></strong></p> <p><img alt="Glasgow 1" src="/getasset/ab60435f-c894-4589-8422-bf68cc444614/" style="float: left;" />Since the University of Glasgow (<a href=""></a>) was founded in 1451, it has had some major changes and refurbishments in order to create the best possible learning environment for its students. ‘The Way, The Truth, The Life” is the University’s motto, and alongside being the fourth oldest University in the United Kingdom, the University of Glasgow prides itself on its great history and successes over the years. Now, with over 25,000 students, the University’s community is built on a huge network of people whether they’ve graduated years ago or have newly begun their University journey. With academics at the University is ranked at an outstanding 25<sup>th</sup> out of 119 other institutions in The 2016 Guardian University League Tables; (<a href=""></a>) it is clear that the University of Glasgow is second to none.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong><u>Food degrees at University of Glasgow</u></strong></p> <p><img alt="Glasgow 2" src="/getasset/5e4adda0-6ba5-4281-a766-739c12579e93/" style="float: left;" />At the University of Glasgow, food driven students are given the opportunity to study a Human Biology and Nutrition degree, (<a href=""></a>) ranging for up to 5 years. Over the first couple of years at University, Human Biology and Nutrition students will have a general introduction to all aspects of the degree and are assumed to acquire the general skills needed to succeed within the food industry. Within the next few years of study, students will study 3 compulsory courses, including in depth research into Nutrition and undergo a substantial research project relating to their degree.</p> <p>Students at the University of Glasgow are also given the opportunity to apply to study abroad. The University has some incredible international links; meaning students who undergo the year abroad are placed above everyone else when looking for a graduate career. Whether you wish to study within Europe or beyond, there is a range of ways to make your dreams a reality. Being given the opportunity to study abroad is a life changing experience, creating the chances to make new friends from different cultures and backgrounds, experience different ways of studying and proving to yourself that anything is possible when you put your mind to it!</p> <p>After graduating from the University of Glasgow, previous students of the Human Biology and Nutrition degree have gone on to obtain some outstanding careers and opportunities relating to the food industry. There are a variety of career opportunities readily available for those graduating with a degree within this sector, with previous students going into health promotion, lifestyle consultancy, becoming a fully qualified Nutritionist or a range of other food focused careers. According to The Times League Tables 2016, (<a href=""></a>) Biological Sciences at Glasgow are ranked at an impressive third in Scotland, highlighting the top education students receive whilst studying at the University of Glasgow.</p> <p><strong><u>Why choose Glasgow?</u></strong></p> <p><img alt="Glasgow 3" src="/getasset/dffc02e9-8fc7-48ff-98d9-427abadac958/" style="float: left;" />Glasgow (<a href=""></a>) is the largest city in Scotland and the third largest in the United Kingdom, making it an incredible city for students to study and enhance their careers. The city of Glasgow has an incredible background of culture, scenery and entertainment, with a range of activities attracting both visitors and students to the city each year.</p> <p>Glasgow’s West End (<a href=""></a>) has recently been voted ‘Best Neighbourhood in the United Kingdom and Ireland’, hosting some of the University’s buildings, cobbled streets and outstanding gardens.</p> <ul> <li>Two miles from the city centre and easily accessible by subway, bus or foot</li> <li>Home to cafés, bars and world famous restaurants</li> <li>The Botanic Gardens has the perfect blend of gardens, woodland walks and a beautiful glass house</li> <li>A mix of boutiques and vintage shops hide within the Victorian architecture</li> </ul> <p>Culture within the city of Glasgow has an incredible history, suiting all tastes and styles of visitors and locals or all ages.</p> <ul> <li>Music is the city is exceptional, with the city being renowned for discovering acts including Oasis and Franz Ferdinand and has recently been awarded the UNESCO City of Music (<a href=""></a>)</li> <li>The Arches theatre hosts club nights, theatre, live music and visual art displays</li> <li>The Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel was voted European Museum of the Year in 2013</li> <li>Glasgow Film Theatre is a major centre for Glasgow’s annual film festival</li> </ul> <p>The city of Glasgow has been named as one of the worlds top 10 sporting cities, following the huge success of the Commonwealth Games in 2014. (<a href=""></a>)</p> <ul> <li>The city has an incredible range of world class sporting facilities</li> <li>Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome is the home of Scottish Cycling</li> <li>The National Football stadium, Hampden Park, holds the European record attendance for a football match</li> <li>The city is home to an indoor snowboard and ski slope with real snow!</li> </ul> <p><strong><u>Student Life at University of Glasgow</u></strong></p> <p><img alt="Glasgow 4" src="/getasset/26abb9dc-2126-47b6-a852-c14730d36c7a/" style="float: left;" />Although studying plays a major part in your University career, ensuring you are enjoying your free time at University is a big factor in success. The Union’s at the University are set up in order to create a space for recreational activities and social events, meaning you are never short of something to do at the University of Glasgow. The University has 2 Student Unions, due to the University’s previous male only status. Now, the separate unions exist purely for their separate atmospheres, consequently forming a venue for whatever mood you are in.</p> <p>Both Student Unions are run by students, for students, creating a representative body for those within the University. The Queen Margaret Union (<a href=""></a>) is music focused, hosting a wide variety of events from quizzes to massive gigs. The Glasgow University Union (<a href=""></a>) on the other hand attracts those interested in sport and debate. The Union currently has around 110 official clubs or societies, ranging from the Hares and Hounds Running Club and the Ski and Snowboard Club, to the Geography and Creative Writing Societies. The Union also has an official magazine, G-You, accessible to all students of the Union. Whatever it is you fancy, there is always something on offer at the University of Glasgow.</p> <p><strong><u> – Food Jobs and Careers</u></strong></p> <p>(<a href=""></a>)</p> <p>Choosing to go to University is not the only way to achieve a successful career within the food sector. is a fantastic website, offering great career advice and opportunities to gain invaluable experience within the competitive food industry. Our Job Board offers a wide variety of food jobs (<a href=""></a>) in a range of locations, Scotland being one of them.</p> <p>Our careers advice (<a href=""></a>) page is also easily available, delivering informative articles and the most up-to-date news about the food sector, with relation to both University courses and food career opportunities.</p> <p>Deciding to study at the University of Glasgow is a brilliant decision for future students, with a combination of its Human Biology and Nutrition degree alongside its excellent social opportunities. You are bound to succeed in a prosperous food related career if you undergo study at this University.</p>