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Published on: 7 Apr 2015

Going to University is an exciting time in any young person’s life. However choosing where to go and what to study can be overwhelming.

If you’re looking towards a career in the food industry, choosing the right university is the vital first step in getting your degree and experience within the intense food environment.

The University of Birmingham

As with all universities they are never fully complete. There are always ways the universities look to improve and live up to modern standards, but they all derive from the history that created the University.  

The University of Birmingham grew out of the university of birmingham logoradical vision of its first chancellor Joseph Chamberlain. The University was founded in 1900 and was introduced to keep up with the ever changing city of Birmingham; a city that was newly representing higher education.  

The University of Birmingham was England’s first Civic University, meaning that students from all backgrounds were accepted and allowed to study together. This inadvertently created the path to today where many different races and culture not only live together in Birmingham but study together with equal opportunity for all to achieve.  

Each University boasts their own achievements, and the University of Birmingham has its own triumphs that distinguish it from the other institutions.  The University of Birmingham was a founder member of the National Union of Students and also introduced many other key parts to university life. The University of Birmingham was first to be built on a campus model, establish a faculty of commerce, incorporate a medical school, offers degrees in dentistry, create a women’s hall of residence and have a purpose built student’s union building.

The University of Birmingham’s first building work was completed in 1909 under esteemed architect Sir Aston Webb.  In 2009 the University celebrated the buildings centenary and all the successes that have followed from the very beginning.  

Studies at the University of Birmingham

The Food industry is one that consists of many different positions and job roles in order to keep it functioning.  As well as this any vital work experience is always a major benefit for your job applications, as employers look for people with experience and a passion for the food industry. Many universities offer food courses that allow a year of work experience and a chance to get a foot in the door, and it is important to take every opportunity possible to get a step ahead for your future.

The University of Birmingham is a college of Engineering and Physical sciences working across the frontiers of Science and Engineering in education, research and translating knowledge.  They focus on core themes Science and frontiers, advanced manufacturing and resilience, and energy and sustainability.

Even after earning a degree there is still a chance to increase your knowledge and educational achievements through a postgraduate degree. At The University of Birmingham there are many food related degrees available such as MRes in Agriculture and Food that can help your knowledge and experience of the food industry.

This degree Combines research with teaching time and can be completed as a full time or part time course. The University of Birmingham offers this degree as a way of improving and sustaining the future of food quality which is a vital part of the food industry.   

As well as this there are degrees such as Food quality and health that aims to educate students on the key skills needed in the agri-food industry to meet the challenges posed by the national and global food security. This course is taught either part time or full time and aims to improve and continue your professional development whilst being taught essential new skills.

Both courses are great at improving your existing knowledge of the food industry, and give you the chance to progress in your food industry career by offering the best information and opportunities available at the University of Birmingham.

Life in Birmingham

Birmingham is a vibrant, multi- cultural city that has lots of things to do for all birmingham city pictureages. For students there are many places to relax and enjoy life away from studying, whilst appreciating the beauty and culture you can find in this bustling city.

Birmingham is very easy to get to, especially as it is argued that all roads lead to Birmingham.  The motorway is linked by the M5, M6, M40 and M42 while the A34 and A38 further add to your options and the M1 is less than 30 minutes away.

If travelling by train there are 3 city centre rail stations. There are regular trains that link London to Birmingham with relatively short travel time.  As well as this there are regular coach services that link Birmingham to other cities or airports, all made easier by the convenience of getting to Birmingham by road. Birmingham airport is located near the M42 motorway and various rail stations, which conveniently get you into and out of Birmingham city.

For more travel information it is advised you look at Visit Birmingham to plan your trip and see all that the city has on offer.

The fun stuff!

Birmingham is just like any other city, there is always something going on. Student life is an exciting life and a chance to work hard but play even harder. Birmingham has a variety of shopping locations and shops ranging from Harvey Nichols to Selfridges and is the perfect place to make the most of your student discount or loan.  There are shopping centres, vibrant streets, markets and independent boutiques, all accompanied by little cafes and restaurants to keep you going. 

Birmingham boats many fun attractions, including the famous Cadbury world attraction as well as the National SEA LIFE centre.  As a student you may want to experience a sense of history and culture, which can be found by the nearby Warwick castle where you can be captivated by the history and ancient mythology found in the beautiful grounds. There is also a BBC Birmingham tours which is perfect to see how the media world works, and experience the different work environments that exist within the TV environment.

However as everyone knows student life includes a lot of partying!  Birmingham has many places to party, meet new people and socialise with your fellow student’s. There are many bars and pubs, nightclubs, live musical festivals, theatres and comedy shows to be entertained by when you have downtime from your studies.  Arenas such as the Barclaycard Arena has many live music or entertainment on stage and  Birmingham also has three of the best comedy clubs around that regularly feature new and exciting talent to watch and enjoy. - Birmingham

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Birmingham is a prime location for the food industry, as it is in an easy location for many major cities and has a large population to provide jobs and food for.

With our search recruiters page you can find many job companies based in and around Birmingham and elsewhere, where you can apply direct for job opportunities or seek out information.