UberEats Launches In Glasgow

Published on: 24 May 2017

UberTaxi firm Uber has now launched a new food delivery service, UberEats, in Glasgow.

More than 70 eateries will be part of the new app, so Glasgow residents can order from any one of them “at the tap of a button”.

New App Launch

The app will allow Glaswegians to order food from local brands such as Bar Soba, Cubatas, and Prep Fitness Kitchen right to their doors. The service is available 7 days a week up to 11pm. Like ordering an Uber taxi, the driver simply goes to pick up the food and then deliver it to you, giving you the chance to try the food without so much as leaving your front door.

Just like with the driver app, you place your order and then watch the progress of your delivery through the tracker. You can order the food to be delivered to any location – though at launch there is only a certain zone within which the app is operating. If all goes well, presumably the zone will be extended and opened up to other parts of the UK.

The launch follows another successful zone in Edinburgh, which has been met with praise.

UbereatsUberEats general manager Mathieu Proust said: "We're hugely excited to be launching in Glasgow. We only launched in Edinburgh last week, so it's great to have expanded this quickly. People in the city can now get the food they want when they want as conveniently as booking a car through Uber. We hope the Glaswegians take to the service as well as those in Edinburgh."

If you download the app now, you can also save some money on your first order. Use the promo code GLASGOWEATS for up to £10 off that first delivery. Remember, though, this will only work if you are downloading the app and placing an order in Glasgow, and if you have not used the app to place an order previously.

As for us, we’re hoping that the delivery zone will soon extend to cover the Adelphi Mill offices in Stockport, where YourFoodJobs is based!

Eateries On Board

So far, the response from eateries has been very positive, with most companies excited to jump on board. Their inclusion in the app means being able to reach a wider range of customers than ever before, but with the added bonus of not even having to send out their own delivery drivers.

It’s also a way for restaurants to think about adding themselves into the supply chain, perhaps for the first time. While other services like Deliveroo offer the chance to deliver restaurant meals to doors, Uber is a much more recognisable brand, which may cause more customers to consider using this service than any other.

Brad Stevens, chief executive of Bar Soba, said: "UberEats is a great way for Soba fans to get their fix of our authentic street food at their homes and offices - as if straight from the night markets of south-east Asia to their door. We're excited to be signing up and can't wait to start accepting orders and sending our culinary remixes out to the masses."

The launch of the app could create new opportunities for food jobs in Scotland, where a lot of new delivery drivers are going to be needed sharpish. Not only that, but if the app takes off, it could create more demand in the city for chefs and other food service employees to cope with the increased amount of orders.

Time will tell how well UberEats is received, but if its success elsewhere is anything to go by, it is likely to be a hit.