Tulip Investing in Snack Factory

Published On: 3 May 2019

Increased demand

SnacksTulip have reported that their range of cocktail sausages, mini filled bites, and other seasonal products have seen an increased level of demand. As a result, they will be creating a smaller factory on the same site which will be able to handle complex niche products which need to be stored in a fast and efficient manner. That will allow them to produce more of those niche snacks, both in terms of volume and the number of lines that they can run.

There are currently 450 workers at the factory, employed in jobs like those on offer here. These include the New Product Development specialists who work with retailers to create products that suit the needs of their customers. The upgrades will also add more capacity to their high-volume lines, which means that further growth in the future can be more easily met.

“We’re really pleased to announce this investment at our Ruskington site. This will future-proof the site and help us lead the way on innovation alongside our retail partners,” said Shaun Kay, the Operations Director at Tulip. “This investment will support the continued growth we have seen in our core product lines thanks to a resurgence in popularity of non-pastry traditional snacks, such as Scotch eggs and savoury bites. We are also investing in a dedicated facility and equipment to support the development of a range of niche products, which can be more complex to produce.”

Supporting the area

GymAndrew Cracknell, CEO, added: “We have recognised how eating habits have changed, including a growth in food- to-go and high protein snacking. Investment in our Ruskington site shows how we are driving growth in the snacking category, offering products containing a variety of protein, flavours and dips to appeal to younger consumers, while also future-proofing more traditional snacking options. At the same time, this enhanced capability and capacity will ensure outstanding service delivery and quality levels for our customers. This significant investment in our Ruskington facility underlines our ongoing commitment to the Lincolnshire region and demonstrates continued inward investment into the UK by our parent company Danish Crown. We’re confident that the site will be well placed to help drive our business forward in the years ahead.”

It has not yet been announced whether Tulip plan to add any more jobs to the site along with the creation of a new facility. However, it seems that it should be almost guaranteed, as more hands will be needed to manage the extra work. You should sign up for job alerts here if you want to be the first in the know when new job opportunities are posted on our site.

GrowthEither way, Tulip is certainly one of the bigger job providers in the local area. They have seen many changes to their UK workforce over the last year as part of a restructuring effort, which has been intended to improve their profits for the future. Moves such as this, which will allow future growth at the lowest possible cost whilst also focusing on the area that customers seem to demand most, are best-placed to make that result a reality.

We will keep a watchful eye on the site to see what new improvements and results are announced in the months and years to come.