Travellers Name Birmingham Top Food Destination

Published on: 28 Jul 2017

BirminghamBirmingham has been named as one of the top food destinations in the UK by travellers.

Part of the appeal is generated by Michelin-starred restaurants such as Simpsons and Purnell’s.

Top Foodie City

Travellers on have given their reviews to name Birmingham as a top foodie city. This is a great honour considering that 75% of travellers on the site also say that they would travel somewhere just to sample renowned culinary delights.

Birmingham is in the top three of all UK destinations, alongside Ludlow in Shropshire and Padstow. There are five Michelin starred restaurants in Birmingham, which has certainly helped its reputation. These are Simpsons, Turners at 69, Adams, Purnell’s and Carters of Moseley. It’s clear that if you want to take the top chef jobs, Birmingham is one of the top places to move to!

There is also an ethnic restaurant scene which is really taking off in Birmingham. Historically considered a good place for migrant communities, it now contains large proportions of minorities who are making their voices heard in the culinary scene. This makes the experience all the more exciting for both locals and travellers.

“Culinary travel is an ever-growing trend, with travellers planning trips centred on taste-inspired exploration and seeking to fully immerse themselves in the local culture, of which food plays a huge part,” said Pepijn Rijvers at “Not only are people looking for luxury gastronomic experiences, but also sampling local and street food.”

Cultural Centre

Some of the other cities in the UK to be highlighted in the top 10 list include Harrogate, Leeds, Stow on the Wold, Aberdeen, Leicester, Bristol, and Cardiff.

Birmingham MarketBirmingham has been recognised for its culture in the past. It was chosen as one of the four shortlisted cities for the first ever City of Culture in the UK in 2013. It has plenty of claims to fame via music, television, film, and literature.

There are also some local dishes which have been developed in the area and remain a tradition there. If you visit Birmingham, you might like to try Birmingham soup, which has actually been recreated in fine dining style at Purnell’s. Originally, it was a hearty broth of stewed beef and vegetables, generally served with bread.

Brummie bacon cakes are another local delicacy. They consist of flour, salt, butter, chopped bacon, and cheese mixed together with Worcestershire sauce, ketchup and milk. The resulting dough is sliced into edges with cheese sprinkled over them.

The Balti curry dish also originated in the curry houses of Birmingham in the 1970s – many people may be surprised to find that it is not an authentic Indian dish, but rather one which was developed by Indian restaurateurs who had settled here.

Previously, there was a sixth Michelin starred restaurant – Jessica’s – which has since closed. All of the restaurants currently only have one star, and there has yet to be a two-star or above in the city. With the growing diversity and quality of food there, it surely has to be only a matter of time before that changes.

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