Transferable Skills – Automotive Jobs

Published on: 11 Jul 2013

3D CarIf you are looking for a change of industry, moving from automotive jobs to food industry jobs is easier than you think. There are a variety of roles that have a crossover of skills and experience to make the change as easy as possible and can help in that transition.

Automotive engineer jobs deal with three main areas: design, research and development and production. Within the food industry, engineers maintain equipment in much the same way and the same areas are needed for engineers working in the various areas. It will involve a change in products being made and the processes by which this is done, but innovations and finding better and more efficient ways to speed production is just as important within the industry.

Regardless of whether you come from an automotive sales job or automotive manufacturing jobs, you can find similar roles within the food industry that will allow you to utilise skills already gained and challenge yourself to learn a whole new market.

There are many reasons to change industries, ranging from if you are not happy with what you are doing, facing a new challenge, learning new skills and information, or moving to a new location where food industry jobs are more available. By being able to change industries, it shows a versatility and adaptability that makes you appealing to employers in multiple industries, including the food industry.

The change can come late in your career, or after your first automotive graduate job, when you might realise it is not the environment or career you want to pursue. There are options for all levels of employees within the industry and it is a staple of society that is always needed and in demand.

Mechanic using laptop on carAutomotive jobs provide a very good base to move into the food industry if you can adapt to the change well, and presents great career opportunities if you can apply yourself. Focusing on quality control, efficient production, risk management, communication and creativity skills will help make the transition easier and has a range of opportunities to choose from.


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