Transferable Skills – BAE and Aerospace Jobs

Published on: 11 Jul 2013

AIRPORTMaking the change from aerospace jobs to food industry jobs is easier than it sounds, and if you need any support in the change, including making the transition as easy as possible, can help.

Aerospace jobs cover a range of roles and responsibilities, and a lot of the skills and knowledge can be applied to roles in the food industry. While you will have to learn the specifics of a new industry, there will be ways you can utilise the skills you have learnt and use them to ensure different sectors of the food industry are working at the best they can. Using creativity and excellent engineering skills will improve your value to employers and if you can effectively show how versatile and adaptable you are in changing to a new industry, your career path will open up a range of paths to choose from.

Steel pipelines on raw milk factoryAeronautical engineer jobs, BAE jobs and even BAE graduate jobs have excellent engineering backgrounds which can help in the production and manufacturing roles, and focusing on areas such as efficiency, quality control and working to deadlines will be very useful in a high demand industry like the food industry. With food a staple of society, the demand will always be there and producing better quality products more efficiently and cost effectively will help remain ahead of competitors.

Even outside of the engineering side, focusing more on the design and logistics aspects of the industry, those from aerospace jobs that have experience in working with large and valuable pieces of equipment or materials can put those skills to use in ensuring products are handled properly and delivered effectively. Risk management is important here, as well as in a manufacturing setting, and it is useful to be able to apply these skills in any industry. can help you ensure that you make the change as easily as possible. Whether you are changing because you want a new challenge, want to find a new career path or food industry jobs are more accessible due to where you live. If it is something you will enjoy and can apply yourself in, you can be valuable asset to any organisation in the food industry.