The Sterling Choice - "Superior wisdom derived from experience"

Published on: 20 Sep 2013

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Who is The Sterling Choice I hear you say?!  Yes, we may be a new business name on the scene but many food industry professionals will know and have successfully worked with our two Directors – Gareth Whyatt and Lukas Vanterpool – over the past 8 years.  Therefore we bring credibility and respect with us – we are genuine Food Industry specialists and have the track record to back it up.

Big Name businesses are often driven by numbers and often look at the short term in that they only speak with candidates when they need them i.e. when they are recruiting for a job.  In our experience it’s about providing opportunities and in order to do that it is imperative to maintain regular communication – you see the majority of candidates we speak with are happy within their roles but want to be made aware of anything which meets their desired criteria.

So why The Sterling Choice you ask, and understandably so?!  When it comes to your next career move you should look no further than The Sterling Choice!

  • Respected specialist food industry recruitment professionals  - we are not flash in the pan consultants as we have been doing this for over 15 years collectively and have experience of managing successful recruitment campaigns and are highly regarded within the industry.
  • This is what we do 24/7 – this is our passion.  Whilst we support people moving jobs daily we understand that it is a huge aspect of a persons life which is why we support, guide and offer advice – no pushy “SALES” guys here who try and push square pegs into round holes.
  • Recruitment has a high turnover of consultants – how often have you had to have the same conversation with a new consultants and then not hear back?  We have the longevity to really support your needs
  • Open and honest – we will give you whatever information we have reference the role in terms of the location, culture, product range, strategy, challenge etc – by doing this we ensure we do not get into representation issues which can undermine a candidate’s application.  With this level of detail our candidates have all of the necessary tools to make an informed decision
  • We are not governed by numbers - a lot of consultants at the perceived “bigger names” are targeted on volume of calls, CVs out etc – you are just a number.  At The Sterling Choice we understand the candidate’s needs and wants – we operate in a very straight forward manner with an approach that revolves around one simplistic element – we listen to what you what and then guide and support accordingly.  What’s more you get to deal with normal, professional and passionate people!
  • We care about the full employee life cycle - we look beyond simply filling the position.  We will continue the relationships with our clients and placements long after they have finished employee orientation and onboarding.  The Sterling Choice understands that candidates see their recruiters as brand ambassadors who serve as the first point of contact with their new company
  • We create opportunities – clients are always keen for us to make them aware of the best in the industry which often leads to roles being created.
  • We communicate – we understand that lack of contact is the number one frustration for candidates.  We will contact you on a regular basis to even let you know there is no update news – after all that is news to you.  We will make you part of the process!
  • Areas of expertise include Production / Operations, Quality / Technical, Supply Chain, NPD, Engineering, HR, Commercial
  • Our strapline says it all “Superior wisdom derived from experience.”

So what are you waiting for?!  If you haven’t already, why not speak with us to see how we can support YOU in your next career move by calling us on 01733 391 515 or emailing a CV to where we aim to respond to EVERYONE within 24 hours. 

Also why not engage and interact with us across our various Social Media platforms – follow us on Twitter @thesterlingchoice, search for us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn - Sterling Jobs and The Sterling Choice