The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – the Last 10 Years in Food Sector Recruitment

Published on: 21 May 2013

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – the Last 10 Years in Food Sector Recruitment

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – the Last 10 Years in Food Sector Recruitment - Ray Semadeni, MD, Kandhu Recruitment

So what's changed in last decade in our world of Food Sector Recruitment?

CHANGE is the one thing that has been certain for any business that has been in this business over the last decade with the economy on a roller coaster of uncertainty.  At Kandhu Food Sector Recruitment we have weathered many changes seen some good, some bad and some downright ugly!!!

The Good changes have to be those driven by technology and the Internet - everyone now has access to the Internet 24/7 on their smart phones and iPads - making information supply and communication far more rapid than a decade ago and this gives everyone the choice of how they want to communicate - email, text, phone, Facebook, Linked In, Skype etc. etc. Our biggest challenge is knowing how our customers – both companies and individuals want to communicate to find out about our services and the latest jobs!!!

The Bad changes over the last 10 years link heavily to the economy – changes in EU legislation, global recession and uncertainty in the job market. We have to review 1,000 CV’s to find 50 really relevant candidates – it is far too easy to apply for jobs online without really considering the skill set required.  Business is definitely tougher and more generalist players are entering Food Sector recruitment and in turn our clients are being hounded by cold callers and as we all know everyone is bombarded with 100’s of marketing and SPAM emails every day.

The Ugly also comes from technology and how it can be used to find almost anyone - just type in someone's name and guess what you can find most people - 10 years ago this just wasn't possible - so now anybody thinks they can be a Specialist Food Sector recruitment consultant or can they???

Much more has changed and as a Specialist Food Sector Recruiter we see many changes ahead, but working with dedicated Food Sector recruiters now and in the future still makes sense for food manufacturers. The better recruiters know the market place, the way Food Sector works and can supply a choice of candidates with the specific skills required for each job. Kandhu Food Sector Recruitment is here to stay and as will all specialist agencies like us, will continue to offer a Premium and Value for money Service to customers – both clients and candidates alike. So whether it’s us or another agency you have a relationship with, we will always have a role to play in the acquisition of food talent so pick up the phone and let’s get talking.