Published on: 16 Oct 2013

Direct Clients Testimonials

                                           Dailycer Testimonial

Dailycer. May 16

“Dailycer used YFJ to advertise two roles in Production & QA recently.
The response we had was fantastic, and we’ll definitely use them again!”


Davin Foods. January 2016   Davin Foods Testimonial Image

“We usually use recruitment agencies for all our senior/specialist roles, but we decided to try YourFoodJob for our Technical/QA Manager vacancy. 

These types of roles can be quite hard to fill in the Fresh Produce sector, but I’m pleased to say we made an offer to a brilliant candidate”


Cottage Delight, October 2015  Cottage Delight

'We are an award winning manufacturer of speciality foods, based in NW England. Having only worked with recruitment agencies previously, we recently advertised a number of roles on yourfoodjob.com - Sales vacancies, and a Product Developer. Their Executive Recruiter Package was really valuable and not only did we fill up our talent pool for future vacancies, but we are already interviewing for both roles!"

Dovecote Park, October 2015 Dovecote logo

"We have used Yourfoodjob continuously for our specialist vacancies over the past years or so. We tend to use the 'Executive Recruiter Package' for our specialist vacancies as it gets the best results. Thanks for all your help!"

Brindisa Ltd, September 2015 Brindisa

"We recently used YFJ to advertise an Interim Sales vacancy to support our restaurants/retail business. We chose a standard branded vacancy, got a good response and have arranged a number of interviews for a 'tough to fill' role"

The Good Food Company T/A Impress Sandwiches, July 2015 impress logo

“I recently took a call from our YFJ account manager to discuss their new ‘hourly paid’ categories introduced to help manufacturers source operatives, drivers etc. Given Yourfoodjob have helped us in the past with senior specialist roles, we knew their capabilities plus the cost to advertise in these new sectors was very attractive so we decided to give it a go. Just a few days later we have placed a new operative and they start very soon. Fantastic service again from Yourfoodjob.com and really pleasing to know we now have a one-stop-shop for all vacancy levels.”

Funkin Cocktails, June 2015 funkin cocktails logo

“Funkin Cocktails is the innovator in cocktail purees, syrups and cocktail mixers. We turned to YourFoodJob when we were looking for an Innovations Manager with expertise and vast knowledge in the industry, someone who is also creative and open minded and would fit our company’s entrepreneurial spirit. I am delighted to say we found the right person and made a successful hire with the correct package from YourFoodJob”

Tasties of Chester Ltd, June 2015 street eats logo

"Tasties of Chester Ltd are an award winning sandwich manufacturing company. We advertised a vacancy for a New Product Development Technician with YourFoodJob and were delighted to receive a good number of applications from appropriately qualified candidates. We filled our vacancy very quickly and are now advertising again with the Executive Package for a Management role.  We would highly recommend YourFoodJob for cost-effective recruitment."

Suncream Dairies, April 2015 suncream dairies logo

“Suncream Dairies are an ice cream manufacturer, based in Staffordshire.
For our first time using YourFoodJob, we advertised a Manufacturing / Production Manager vacancy. I’m very pleased to say that we filled the position with a brilliant candidate within three weeks!”

The Wicked Cake Company, February 2015wicked cake company logo

"The Wicked Cake Company took advantage of the Executive Recruiter Package and secured a Placement for our General Manager vacancy.  The added package extra’s on top the advert itself ensured we reached out to candidates via a CV Search who weren’t active Job Seekers at the time of advertising.  The General Manager role is a key operational role to The Wicked Cake Company and we took on board comments from Yourfoodjob to ensure we targeted the advert to best effect.  It worked!!, with six candidates shortlisted for interview we found the perfect match for our role from a CV Search candidate – the Executive Package was worth every penny!"

Belvoir Fruit Farms, January 2015belvoir fruit farms

“Belvoir Fruit Farms are a fast growing soft drinks manufacturer based near Grantham in Lincolnshire. After using other specialist job boards in the past, we approached YourFoodJob with Sales/Commercial vacancies in late 2014.  Chris told us to take an ‘Executive Recruiter Package’ for this, and we were delighted with getting a really high calibre of candidate; without significant expense when measured against alternative recruitment methods open to us.

One of the main parts of the package that helped us was the managed CV Search from the YFJ Client Services team. Michelle provided Belvoir with some really good candidates through this recruitment tool.  These candidates weren’t ‘actively’ looking for a career move at the time of being approached.  We wouldn’t have located and placed them without YFJ’s channels for sourcing candidates!

We got a really good result from YourFoodJob and I will certainly consider it as a core route to market for future recruitment needs.”

iB Food Ltd, January 2015ib foods logo

“Late last year we used YFJ to help us recruit for a ‘Field Sales Executive’ vacancy in the UK.  We purchased a bespoke package and were very pleased to offer the job to a YourFoodJob candidate. Yourfoodjob did the job!”

Production Director, Silvery Tweed Cereals, January 2015.silvery tweed logo

"This is the first time Silvery Tweed Cereals have used YourFoodJob.com and we have been extremely pleased with the support, guidance and professionalism we received from the account manager ensuring our best interest at all times.  We were advised to take out the Executive Recruiter package for the Technical assistant vacancy to help raise the profile of the position and ensure we received the best candidate CVs for the role. I would have no hesitation in recommending or using YourFoodJob.com for any future vacancy we may have."

Futura Foods, Managing Director, January 2015futura foods logo

“Futura Foods recently recruited for a Gloucestershire based Technical vacancy using YourFoodJob.com, which resulted in interviews almost straight away. Rather than just taking a standard advert, we chose to utilise the Executive Recruiter Package, which has all the added extras. The YFJ Client Services team were very helpful when it came to account management, and also with the CV Search! I’m sure we will be using them again in 2015…”

Vestey Food Group, January 2014     vestey foods logo small

"We recently advertised two Greater London-based Sales/Commercial vacancies on YourFoodJob.com. Commercial roles are a difficult hire at the moment, particularly later on in the year, but we were very pleased to offer positions to YFJ candidates for both. Our Account Manager recommended utilising the ‘Executive Recruiter Package’ which encompassed all our needs.  I’m sure we will use them as part of our direct sourcing strategies for 2015"

Lucozade Ribena Suntory, December 2014lucozade ribena suntory

"Lucozade Ribena Suntory recently took advantage of the YourFoodJob Executive Recruiter Package Trial. Within a few days we received a number of applications from both the advert itself, and the ‘managed’ CV Search performed by the YFJ Client Services team. I’m sure we will return with our next suitable vacancy."

Technical Director, LJ Fairburn Eggs, September 2014 Fairburn

"LJ Fairburn recently used YourFoodJob to run a campaign advertising Production, Quality Assurance and Warehouse positions at our facility in Lincolnshire. My account manager put together a great package which included all the normal advertising and branding, but YFJ also searched their CV database and contacted potential candidates on our behalf. I’m pleased to say that we made a number of placements from the campaign within a short space of time, and we will certainly be using YFJ when we next need to recruit…"

Recruitment Manager, Moy Park, August 2014 C:\Yourfoodjob.com\New Site Button\Moy Park.gif

"Moy Park have been using Yourfoodjob.com to help under pin our direct resourcing strategy for many years now. They provide a steady stream of quality candidates for specialist roles across the business and this is supported by a pro-active account management service that understands our company."

CEO, BerryWhite Organic Drinks, July 2014 berrywhite drinks logo

"After speaking to my account manager about a London-based Sales vacancy, I decided to use YourFoodJob.  I took advantage of the Executive Recruiter Package, which includes an advert, branding, job upgrade, a managed CV search and more. The packaged proved to be extremely successful, and resulted in a number of candidates suitable for interview.  I am pleased to say I offered someone the job before the 28 days was even finished!"

Commercial and Technical Director, Bryans Salads, July 2014 bryans salads static

"Due to recent excellent growth in the salad processing industry, we were looking for a QA Supervisor. Our account manager at YFJ was very professional and guided us through the advertisement process with ease, the advert was live and we started to receive applicants almost immediately. We eventually placed a good quality candidate. I would recommend YFJ over other job sites as it is specific for food related vacancies"

Technical and Operations Director,  BV Dairy, July 2014bv dairy logo

“This is the second time I have used YourFoodJob, and again I am more than satisfied with the response.  My account manager advised me to take out the Executive Recruiter Package for my Technical Manager vacancy, and I received a manageable number of CV’s in a short space of time.  YourFoodJob continue to impress in terms of quality, and I will definitely be using them again for my next vacancy.”

HR Manager, General Mills, July 2014 general mill static logo

"General Mills have successfully used YourFoodJob in the past, so it made sense to return with our Production Team Leader vacancy.   We benefited from utilising the Executive Recruiter Package – a solution that encompasses homepage branding, job upgrades, and also a managed CV search. We believe in quality over quantity, and that is exactly what we received – a nice manageable number of CV’s sent directly to our inbox.  The whole process was extremely quick and easy, and we were delighted to invite one of the candidates back for a final interview!  We will definitely use YourFoodJob again!"

Managing Director, Big Oz, June 2014big oz logo

"Yourfoodjob.com is an excellent site and we have had very good candidates at a fraction of the cost of recruitment agencies. I would highly recommend them as a group."

HR Manager, Pan United, June 2014 pan united logo

"I am very impressed with the quality of applications I received to my advertisement on Yourfoodjob.com. We chose the Executive Recruiter Package. Unlike other recruitment websites, the responses received were more relevant to the advertised position. The package allowed the option to repost the advertisement for an additional month, if a successful offer had not be made in the first month, which was very useful. Additionally, my account manager was very generous in her advice; she was very committed to finding a suitable candidate for the position.  I am confident that Yourfoodjob.com would be the first recruitment website I would contact for future recruitment needs."

HR Director, Castell Howell, June 2014 castell howell logo

"We recently advertised for an Area Sales Manager vacancy on Yourfoodjob.com.  We chose to utilise the Executive Recruiter Package with the desired result of a successful placement!   The branding package on this advertising campaign didn’t let us down and the quality of applicants was of a higher standard than that of previous advertising routes.  On top of this, the ‘placed’ candidate came through the CV Talent Pool and search undertaken directly by yourfoodjob.com.  Topped with the Account Management the whole process was seamless, cost effective and a certain route for Castell Howell to use for future vacancies."


Marc Wentworth, Operations Manager, St. Marcus Fine Foods Ltd, May2014st marcus fine food logo


“I recently advertised our Factory Production Supervisor vacancy with YourFoodJob, and it received a brilliant response. We received a decent but manageable number of applications, and interviewed six candidates, three of which were actually arranged within the first week. The whole process was very quick and easy.  My account manager took care of everything from helping with the job advert to loading the job for me.  I was very happy with the service provided, saved a lot of money VS going to an agency and will definitely be returning with my next vacancy!”

HR Officer, Daloon Foods UK Ltd, April 2014 daloon foods

“Due to some sudden internal changes we desperately needed to fill what can only be described as a very, very tough hire; an Interim Specifications Technologist on a short term 3 month contract.  Having exhausted our usual avenues, we were contacted by Yourfoodjob.com and given we were running out of options, decided we had nothing to lose so on their advice took the option to use their Executive Recruiter Package.  We’re so glad we did!  We got just the right amount of CVs to consider via the managed CV search and the applications themselves and thankfully found the ideal candidate within a couple of weeks.  Given the difficulty of the role, it was a life saver and we’ll definitely be using Yourfoodjob again.” 

Daybreak Foods, March 2014daybreak foods

"We recently advertised for a Technical Manager on Yourfoodjob.com and we’re delighted we did. Both a senior and key position within the business, it was vital we gained access to as wider pool of talent as possible, in the shortest amount of time. As a company we’re relatively new to the whole direct resourcing model so on advice from our YFJ account manager, we chose to move forward with their well-established Executive Recruiter Package. The ERP incorporated everything we felt we needed to execute a successful direct advertising campaign and it didn’t let us down. The actual applications were of a high standard and was a manageable number that didn’t take us days to get through. On top of this, the quality of passive candidates sourced from the CV database was again very high. The end result was a relatively quick, painless hire which ultimately saved us a fee which would have ran into five figures. Yourfoodjob.com - great service, great savings and guaranteed to play a pivotal role in all our future recruitment.” 



Tim Sherlock - Operations Manager - Wenlock Spring Water - September 2013

“We recently advertised a Quality Controller vacancy on Yourfoodjob.com and we have been extremely happy with the results. We had previously advertised on a “generic” job board but had not managed to attract candidates with the specific skills and qualifications required. Yourfoodjob.com provided us with high quality, relevant candidates that we could not find elsewhere. We took out a good all-round recruiter package that included home-page branding, etc. at a very reasonable price and we were soon lining up interviews. We have now appointed the role and found the whole process smooth and easy; we will be returning with our next vacancy!”

Bondgate Bakery

Director - Bondgate Bakery. May 2013

“We needed a Baker to join our reputable artisan Bakery, however our usual local methods of recruitment had drawn a blank. Having never used a job board before we were not sure what to expect from yourfoodjob.com but the results and over all experience have been great. We received a manageable amount of relevant applications and we recruited within the first two weeks of the advertisement going on site. The team was friendly and knowledgeable and if we need to recruit again we will be back in touch!” 

WW Fruit

Tricia McCarron - HR Director, Worldwide Fruits. April 2013

“I recently advertised for a procurement vacancy on Yourfoodjob.com. As a fresh produce company we were keen to attract candidates with fresh produce sector experience, but who could also reach out and communicate with an international audience. We received over 30 applications in the end and have now appointed the successful candidate. We are very happy with the process and will be returning with our next vacancy.”


Lindsay Talas, Watermill Wines, March 2013

"We opted for the Exec Package with yourfoodjob.com for the recruitment of our Technical Support Manager. This included a CV search as well as the on line advert. I was pleased with the service and the calibre of candidates who applied. We had more applicants than when we advertised for a similar role in The Grocer last year and it was pretty cost effective."

Dominik Schnell, inSpiral Visionary Products Ltd, December 2012

"We needed to find a Technical Resource fast for a looming Major Retailer Audit - and to make matters worse we could only settle for someone part time - at the worst time of the year - Christmas!
We took a leap of faith and went with this website and within 3 days the right candidate was found! Throughout the team at yourfoodjob was helpful and supportive to our needs!"

Melissa Shaw, The Handmade Cake Company, November 2012

"We had tried a few different food-specific recruitment sites previously and had not been 100% satisfied with the response. We hoped Yourfoodjob.com would provide something different from the rest- and we were not disappointed! Looking for additions to our technical and NPD teams, we received a good amount of applications that we narrowed down to multiple interviews for each position. The whole campaign was professionally managed and cost-effective. We have now appointed both roles and would not hesitate to return with our next vacancy."

Recruitment Manager, Greencore Group

"Greencore Group has been impressed by the service level and commitment that yourfoodjob.com has shown to attract high calibre candidates, specifically from the food manufacturing industry, over the last year. This made it an easy decision to continue working with them on an annual basis."

Gareth Evans, Talent Acquisition Manager, Allied Milling & Baking, July 18th 2012

“To support our direct resourcing strategy, Allied Milling & Baking have been working closely with the Yourfoodjob client team now for a year. Success has been such, we’ve committed to another 12 month advertising period and utilisation of their considerable CV Search resource. We get a good response from the adverts we place and this is supported even further by the ‘behind the scenes’ work the YFJ team put in to help us identify and acquire top UK food talent. I have no doubts we can build on these early achievements and expect even more of the same over the next 12 months.”

Suzie Fleming, Arena Leisure plc, 23rd May

“Having used yourfoodjob.com for the first time recently we were exceptionally pleased to of placed a candidate for a Food Safety Manager. Having sourced yourfoodjob.com through their highly ranked Google positioning for relevant food industry recruitment searches, we found the whole process streamline and simple and would have no hesitation in using them again for our recruitment needs.”

Michelle Holden (HR Manager), Kershaw’s Frozen Foods Ltd

“I would recommend Yourfoodjob.com to anyone looking to recruit top food talent within the UK. We recently advertised for a Multi-Skilled Maintenance Engineer and recruited a highly skilled candidate as a direct result. The whole process was extremely efficient, from the initial advert set up (which was live within 1 hour) to the useful & informative weekly performance updates that were received throughout the 28 day campaign. We opted for the ‘Executive Recruiter Package’ which did everything it said on the tin and ensured the advert performed to its maximum potential with additional branding and CV search assistance. I would recommend Yourfoodjob.com to anyone looking to recruit quickly and cost effectively and would use them again in a heartbeat.” 

Director, FBDC, 25th April 2012

“Food Business Development Company (FBDC) have recently used yourfoodjob.com to recruit for a Assistant/Project Technologist opportunity. Not only have we successfully placed a candidate through the CV Search part of the ‘Executive Recruiter Package’, we now have a pipeline of additional applicants lined up for further placements when the opportunities arise. We thought that having the added support of an Account Manager from the yourfoodjob.com team provided us with constant support, this coupled with the reassurance that they were a cost effective alternative/solution to our advertising recruitment needs. We would have no hesitation in using yourfoodjob.com in future.”

Jeff Crowther, Managing Director - Chilled Seafood Division, Smales, 19th March 2012

“I recently used Yourfoodjob.com for the first time, advertising a Technical Manager vacancy. This was an important position requiring specific seafood sector experience so I decided to utilise their Executive Recruiter Package. The extra emphasis this provided meant that I received a manageable number of applicants, but ones that specifically matched the criteria I was looking for. It was a close call between two and the successful candidate starts soon. I am delighted with the results and will be returning with my next vacancy soon.”

David Saunders, Director, The Skills Partnership, 3rd January 2012

“In the past I have had real difficulty recruiting for training roles in the Food Manufacturing sector. However, I recently came across Yourfoodjob.com and could not have been happier with the response I received. For what was a difficult brief, I received several very strong candidates. I have appointed one person already and hope to finalise more soon! I will definitely be returning when we expand further.”

Recruitment Officer, Dairy Crest, 17th October 2011

“After successfully using Yourfoodjob.com earlier this year on a Supply Chain Project, it made the decision to use them again very easy! Taking advantage of their Executive Package, along with additional branding enhancements, we have already secured several placements with additional ones expected. We have received a professional account management service from Yourfoodjob.com and a cost effective solution to support our direct hire strategy. Yourfoodjob.com understand Dairy Crest's needs and have exceeded our expectations."

Recruitment Manager, S&S Hygiene , 30th August 2011

“I recently advertised on Yourfoodjob.com. It was a difficult role requiring both Hygiene and Technical skills but I was delighted to find a great candidate who will be starting with us soon. I feel the Executive Recruiter Package I took was a key element in this success; the branding and CV search helped our vacancy to stand out from the crowd and attract a good amount of relevant candidates. When compared to using a recruitment consultant it was extremely cost-effective, I will be returning with any other relevant vacancies.”

HR Manager, Farmhouse Biscuits Ltd, 24 August 2011

“We recently agreed to advertise a technical role on Yourfoojob.com. We were delighted with the results and managed to interview two strong candidates from the applications we received. However, the most impressive element of our experience was the customer commitment from the whole YFJ team. They kept in regular contact and made recommendations throughout the process that improved the whole campaign. I would thoroughly recommend them and won’t hesitate to use their online solutions in the future to help with senior specialist food roles.”

English Provender Company - 9th August 2011

“English Provender Company used yourfoodjob.com for the first time recently to recruit for Development Technologists. We chose the ‘Executive Recruiter Package’, giving us the added benefits of premium branding and the CV Search facility. After receiving a quality response from our advert and the in-house CV Search, we successfully recruited for two positions! It was great to have the added support of our Account Manager, who was able to advise us and adapt our campaign to ensure we found the right people for our roles. We would have no hesitation in using yourfoodjob.com in future.

Malton Foods T/A Westlers - 11th July 2011

"We have recently used yourfoodjob.com for the first time to recruit an NPD Technologist and we were very pleased with the response. We were able to fill the role with a very good candidate at a sensible and economic cost and received a professional service. We will certainly use yourfoodjob.com in the future" 

Eccelso - 11th July 2011

Before using yourfoodjob.com to successfully recruit for a Technologist / Technical Assistant role, Eccelso had always advertised in the local Press or used Recruitment Consultancies to handle their recruitment needs. Having found the process of online recruitment with yourfoodjob.com to be quick, simple, cost effective and professionally managed we would not hesitate is using them for future vacancies. 

Fox's Confectionery - 28th June 2011 

Fox’s Confectionery recently advertised and successfully placed a candidate for a Multi-Skilled Engineer role. As part of the ‘Executive Package’ we benefited from premium branding and CV searches. Yourfoodjob.com has proved to be a very simple, yet successful, cost effective, online recruitment tool with an efficient Account Management team/process. We would be happy to use yourfoodjob.com again in the future. Engineering Manager, Fox's Confectionery

Moguntia Food Ingredients - 22nd March 2011 

We used yourfoodjob.com for the first time in January 2011 to recruit for a ‘Trainee Seasoning Flavourist’ role. We chose to advertise with the ‘Executive Recruiter Package’ giving Moguntia the benefits of not only the online advertising of our advert but also premium branding and CV Search facility. After successfully receiving a quality response from both our advert and the in-house CV Search we successfully interviewed and offered this role within four weeks to a candidate who applied through the advert! So impressed with the service it was no surprise that after placing a second role for a ‘Purchasing Manager’ in February we yet again filled this role too through the ‘Executive Recruiter Package’. This time we made the placement from a candidate that yourfoodjob.com sourced through their CV Database. We are thoroughly pleased with both the response to our adverts and the customer service provided and would have no hesitation in using yourfoodjob.com for our future vacancies.

Operations Director, Moguntia Food Indgredients UK Ltd.

Lactalis (Nestle) - 15th December 2010

“We recently advertised for a Customer Development & Quality Manager on yourfoodjob.com. We chose their Executive Recruiter Solution as we considered it to be excellent value for money in terms of service levels and site branding opportunities. I am delighted to say that we had a very impressive number of great quality candidates and, as a result, have successfully filled the role. Our new recruit starts next week! Thank you and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending YFJ or using them next time”. Private Label Director, Lactalis (Nestle)

Arnaouti Pitta Bread Bakery Limited 

"This is the first time we have used Yourfoodjobs.com website for advertising a position. We had an excellent response to our advert for a Quality Assurance Technologist with a good calibre applicant. From the time of posting the job to the time of making an appointment was less than 4 weeks. We would highly recommend using the Yourfoodjobs.com website for recruiting purposes – it is a cost effective and speedy method of recruiting. We found it particularly useful because it also gives the recruiter an opportunity of viewing all applications and screening out unsuitable candidates at the start of the process rather than using an external body to do so. We will definitely be using the service again for any possible future appointments. Technical Manager, Arnaouti Pitta Bread Bakery Limited

QV Foods Limited- 1st December 2010

"We have recently used yourfoodjob.com for the first time. We had an excellent response from good calibre applicants and have successfully recruited into the role. We will certainly use yourfoodjob.com in the future" Gill Bartlett – Corporate HR Manager 

The Bury Black Pudding Company - 3rd November 2010 

"We recently advertised a Production Manager vacancy on YourFoodJob.com and we could not have been more impressed by our experience. As a business we were new to online advertising, however the account management and customer support we received meant the whole process was smooth and straightforward. We appointed one person and they are now an integral part of our team. I would not hesitate to recommend YourFoodJob.com."

MDC Foods Limited - 3rd November 2010

“We have used Yourfoodjob.com twice in the last few months, with great success both times - once for a National Account Manager and once for an Interim Technical Manager.
We opted for Yourfoodjob.com’s new Executive Recruiter Package and believe that this package impacted significantly on the response we received. For a very cost-effective price, it allowed the flexibility to adapt, target (via e-shot), upgrade and extend each advertisement, as appropriate, thereby securing the quality of applicants we were hoping for, especially in this economic environment. Most importantly, we filled BOTH roles at a very competitive price. A professional approach with excellent results – Thank you!”. Mark Seaman FCCA - Financial Director

Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses – 10th August 2010

“We recently advertised a National Account Manager role with yourfoodjob.com where we successfully appointed very quickly. The Account Management Team stayed close to the response rate and made suggestions to adjust the ad to help bring in just the right sort of applicants. We would definitely use them again”. Kathryn Gray- Managing Director – Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses

European Freeze Dry - 24th June 2010

“We recently advertised on Yourfoodjob.com as a result of a very helpful conversation with a member of their Sales Team. It was a difficult role to fill (Technical Manager) and I was concerned about being inundated with unsuitable and poor quality applications. The Account Management Team were excellent and delivered what had been promised. I received a manageable number of quality applications and most importantly, filled the role without incurring a huge recruitment fee. The whole process was “pain Free” and I wouldn’t hesitate in using them again or recommending them". Mark Harvey - General Manager - European Freeze Dry - 24th June 2010 

Lathams of Broughton - 26th May 2010

“We recently advertised for our new Factory Manager role on YFJ. This is a challenging position requiring an excellent candidate to convert the exciting opportunities on offer to the company. I am delighted to say that through the hard work and professionalism of the YFJ Team we shortlisted 5 and could easily have recruited 4. This was a first time experience for us for internet recruitment and it won’t be the last.....we saved a considerable amount of money in recruitment fees without compromising our high standards......an excellent outcome for us and a big thank you!” Richard Latham - Managing Director - Lathams of Broughton - 26th May 2010

Pasta Reale - 15th April 2010 

“I have recently advertised two vacancies on yourfoodjob.com. One was for a Specifications Technologist and the other for a Development Technologist. Having never used a recruitment website before’ I was both curious and slightly hesitant about the sort of response I would receive. I was delighted ! The quality and quantity of applications was fantastic, the Account Management and support outstanding and most importantly, interviews and placements followed very quickly. I have saved my company a large amount of money and wouldn’t hesitate in using yourfoodjob.com again – there’s no need for me to go anywhere else!!” I have no hesitation in recommending yourfoodjob.com as a cost effective avenue for quality recruitment. Mike Forrest - Group Human Resources Manager

Natco Foods

"I have recently advertised my current vacancies on yourfoodjob.com. (Technical and Purchasing roles) and was delighted and very impressed with excellent quality of service and support I received from every member of the team. The quality of the applications has been great and I am looking forward to filling the roles very soon. Thank you and I will return with my next vacancy". Commercial Director - Natco Foods, 25th March 2010.

MDS Ltd - 24th March 2010

Thank you for your help over the last couple of weeks. I have been extremely impressed by your professional approach and can honestly say you have provided the best and most professional customer service from any advertising campaign that I have worked with. Better still, with your help we have now filled our in-take for the Spring 2010 programme and look forward to working with you again for the Autumn campaign." Saffy Connolly - MDS Ltd, 24 March 2010.

Honeyrose Bakery Ltd- 22nd February 2010 

“Based on our past successful advertising on yourfoodjob.com we didn’t hesitate in using them again with our latest vacancy for a Quality Assurance Supervisor. Once again, another very impressive response and we filled the vacancy quickly and cost effectively. Another great result and Thank You!” Christine Vidovic - Office Manager - Honeyrose Bakery Limited 

AIB International Inc - 24th January 2010 

"We recently advertised for a Food Safety Auditor on yourfoodjob.com and have been delighted with this decision. The quality of the service along with the quantity AND quality of the applications was very impressive. Most importantly though, we have been able to fill the vacancy quickly and in a very cost effective manner and identify suitable candidates for other up and coming roles - Thank you!"
Deryck Tremble - Regional General Manager - Europe,Africa and Middle East - AIB International Inc.

LYONS SEAFOODS LTD - October 2009 

"We recently had the good fortune to use yourfoodjob.com to advertise 2 of our vacancies. One for a Technical Manager and the other for a Project Engineer. Not only did we receive an impressive number of quality applications for each, we were also able to shortlist and fill both vacancies from that list. The whole process from start to finish took less than 4 weeks! The quality and speed of service was excellent and having saved my Company a considerable amount of money in consultancy fees I would not hesitate in using yourfoodjob.com again. A GREAT FIND AND THANK YOU!" Alan Mundy - HR Manager - Operations 

Northern Foods PLC 

"Yourfoodjob has always provided a professional and dedicated account management service, offering industry expertise whenever required. User friendly site, for both the job seeker and the recruiter, the site attracts quality candidates, with skills specific to our industry. Prompt response times received from Yourfoodjob to provide any help and support needed". Louise Fairclough, Resourcer, Northern Foods Plc, May 2009. 


"I found yourfoodjob.com to be extremely helpful when casting for our BBC 2 television programme. I encountered a high level of customer service and received regular feedback from the team. Many thanks!" Lucia Bartolo - Television Researcher. April 2009


    Recruitment Consultancies Testimonials

raebrook rotating

Steph Walton, Director, RaeBrooke Recruitment Ltd, November 2013

I have worked with Yourfoodjob.com for a couple of years now with good results. To build on this I arranged a meeting with my YFJ account manager and we devised a plan to increase my branding presence onsite. Since implementing the phone has rang much more with genuine enquiries, high level people looking for jobs– they are calling me even though I may not have the perfect job for them advertised – These candidates have been enquiring how we can work together.  Great timing you came to see me and we improved my presence and Brand on the site- it is working already. Good job!


Michael Dale, Senior Consultant, Atkinson Page. 20th June 2013.

"After having previous reservations, we’d monitored developments from afar and felt it was difficult to ignore Yourfoodjobs’ presence in the market place anymore. Last year, we took the decision to work with them and after the initial 12 months, can confirm this was the right business decision to make. Results have been above expectations and the behind-the-scenes support has been agreeable too. We’ve now committed to another year and are confident the good work started will continue over the coming months.”

Saskia Arnold, Pertemps, 20th November 2012 

“We recently advertised for the first time on Yourfoodjob.com for a Technical role based in Scotland. This was the first of what we hope to be more vacancies from this particular client and thus it was very important we generated a good response. I am delighted to say that it did, and very quickly as well. The candidate has now started at the company and we will be coming back to Yourfoodjob.com with future requirements.”

Toni Lea, Magenta Recruitment Ltd, 21 November 2011

"Having used a number of food specific job boards and advertising outlets for some time, we were beginning to get a bit frustrated with the lack of continuous quality applicants coming through so needed to consider our options. We decided to commit to a trial with Yourfoodjob.com during the summer of 2011 and were very encouraged both with the results and the pro-activity and support from the account team. So much so and particularly since the website was upgraded, we have since committed to a longer term contract and aim to build on the initial success of the partnership."

Alison Pinnock, Office Manager, Zest Solutions, 14th November 2011

“Zest Solutions have now worked with Yourfoodjob.com since 2007 and are looking forward to continuing this relationship again through 2011/12. Its always been a successful site for us but we have benefited greatly since the new site was launched earlier this year. Yourfoodjob.com are always looking at new ways to improve and develop both their site and candidate attraction process and this is certainly something Zest want to be part of! With the on going commitment from Yourfoodjob.com to partner with us, meeting and supporting our needs, we look forward to engaging with them for many more years. “

Martin Brown, Director, Henderson Brown, 11 November 2011

“Although I had many years experience in recruiting in the food industry, as a fledgling business when we launched Henderson Brown just over three years ago, it was vital we got off to a really good start. As with most new companies in this space, the key to success was to channel recruitment advertising budgets into the right areas and ensure our candidate attraction processes were working hard and smart from day one. We chose to give Yourfoodjob.com a try and this has proved to be a great decision for us. So much so, we’ve recently committed to our third successive annual contract. Plus, now they have launched the new and improved version, we look forward to sharing this success for many years to come.”

Lisa Pinhorne, Senior Consultant, STR Group, 11 November 2011

“Our relationship with Yourfoodjob.com began as early as 2007 and has proved to be a great success! Because they are always looking for ways to improve the way in which they manage and support our account. And they keep in tune with the latest job posting technology & candidate attraction tools, it was an easy decision for STR to continue working with yourfoodjob.com for another year. We look forward to continuing working with them and sharing their success.”

Kinetic PLC - 7th January 2010

"Good afternoon Tony and Sue, In 2009 Kinetic Plc's food recruitment division decided to focus on Food Industry specific advertising campaigns for the first time. Intentionally we are continually looking for candidates with an edge that can not be resourced elsewhere. Yourfoodjob.com has, this year, become our preferred advertising avenue as it has quickly delivered candidates above the standards we have previously seen. With an initial 3 month commitment, and excellent development, guidance and support from all at Yourfoodjob we have managed to resource and place candidates which have surpassed both Kinetics and our clients expectations. The standards delivered by the yourfoodjob team, the web site and the candidates resourced has become our benchmark for 2010 and beyond.
Great thanks to all at Yourfoodjob for unlocking such potential. Julian Saunders

PIP CONSULTANCY - December 2009

"Good morning Sue & Tony, I hope that you are both well, I just want to say a few words of thanks to you for all your help with my recent advertisements on Your Food Jobs. Both Tony and yourself have been very professional, friendly and provided a service that was second to none. You went above the norm in terms of customer service, updates and trying to source relevant candidates for me, We received some great candidates and I will be using your site again soon. I have no reservations in recommending you to any company seeking to Advertise Food based roles. Thanks again and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Kind regards," Juliette Cox - 9th December 2009 

Integrity Plus

"We have been using www.yourfoodjob for over a year now and have recently renewed our contract with them. Our facility enables us to quickly and efficiently post jobs, receive applications on line and have access to a specific range of candidate cv's. We are very happy with the quality and quantity of candidates and are therefore delighted to be working with www.yourfoodjob.com. They are an integral par tof our marketing strategy" John Tipper, Director - Integrity Plus, November 2008 

Wakelin Selection Limited

"I am happy to say that we have always found Your Food Job to be an excellent source in helping us in our recruitment process. We receive a good quantity and quality of cvs through them when we advertise positions. Their cv database service has also proved frequent and very helpful". Claire Cole, Director - Wakelin Selection Ltd, November 2008 

Jarvis Johnson Limited - November 2008

Yourfoodjob is a useful source of applicants for us. We find the site easy to use and the staff are always on hand to provide assistance, should we need any. They are helpful and friendly and communicate with us regularly, ensuring we don't miss out on any important deadlines. I am happy to recommend the site to anyone who recruits in the food manufacturing sector. Frederika Roberts, Business Operations Manager - Jarvis Johnson Ltd, November 2008

KPI Recruitment Limited

"We have been using yourfoodjob.com for some time now and have been delighted with the results. The site is easy to use and has secured a very high online profile which delivers an excellent response to adverts, both in terms of quantity and quality. Yourfoodjobs.com has, in a very short space of time, become a key part of our advertising strategy and we look forward to continuing to work with them to meet our clients' recruitment needs." Robert Ding, Managing Director - KPI Recruitment Ltd, November 2008

GIM Food Recruitment

Your Food job is in our opinion at GIM Recruitment one of the leading food recruitment sites. It offers a high level of service combined with an excellent level of high calibre candidates. Michelle has always been helpful and willing to put in extra time and work tohelp us advertise effectively and continuously increase our brand awareness and exposure on the site. Your Food jobs willing and friendly approach helps us to easily work in partnership with them! Chloe – Senior Consultant GIM Food Recruitment

People Max

"Investing in a different job board is always a bit of a risk when looking to maximise every advertising £ - however I am delighted to say having made the decision to advertise on Yourfood.com we got an amazing amount of applicants, which made our advertising well worth while. I have found Yourfood.com to be a great and extremely resourceful advertising solution" Peoplemax Recruitment Solutions