Telford Cold Storage Operator Expansion

Published on: 4 May 2018

coldA cold storage operator in Telford has announced plans to expand, paving the way for new jobs at their site.

CML F&L is looking to grow their chilled food and warehousing hub, as well as redeveloping their office area.

Big plans

It seems that the company has big plans for the site, with an extensive remodel on the cards. They will build 11 loading bays at the plant in Brockton Business Park, Halesfield, as well as creating a new service yard.

They then plan to knock down a two-storey office block which currently houses their management staff, to be replaced at a later date by a new facility on an adjacent site. They will also make changes to their existing cold storage building, as well as installing a few portable huts which will be connected to existing services at the site.

Contactors"These are a temporary measure put in place to house staff from the demolished two-storey offices. The duration of these being in place is not known exactly at present, but is not likely to exceed 12 months pending the acquisition of the adjacent site to the north which is currently occupied by Travelworld. The only proposed retaining walls are to the new loading docks 1200mm high at the new building face and either side of the ramp. These will taper from approximately 1350mm high to 300mm against the new building and will be formed in concrete precast or in situ depending on contractors proposals." a report by architect Tim Wilson stated.

The proposals also suggest that 15 new food jobs will be created during the expansion, with the addition of new services and larger work areas. While there are protected trees on the site, the report stipulates that they will not be affected by the project.

Success since merger

CML has been rising rapidly over recent years, since a management buy-out in 2009 saw them going from strength to strength. In 2014, they were approached by Culina Group, a food supplier which was in need of their transport and warehousing services. They struck a deal at that time for CML to come under the Culina umbrella.

A decision will need to be made by Telford and Wrekin Council under delegated powers before the development can go ahead. However, with the promise of renewed food recruitment in the area, it seems likely that the plans will be accepted.

Culina Group have themselves seen plenty of success recently. They have just announced a new deal with the baked food supplier Warrens Group, which puts them into a strong market position. Culina are market leaders in the food and drinks logistics sector, and have also made a number of similar deals over the past few years. These include a joint venture with Morgan McLernon, as well as the purchase of the remaining shares of CML Fulfillment that they did not yet own.

Culina's Chief Executive Thomas van Mourik said: “This joint venture with Warrens Group means we are now market leader in the UK in the baked goods niche.”

It’s an exciting development for the company, which will likely allow them to increase profit margins and deal with larger bulk products – perfect for the larger amount of goods which are passing through their services thanks to the mergers and acquisitions.

Locals will also be happy to hear about the creation of new jobs – though it has not yet been made clear which part of the site they will relate to. It may well be that a mix of new employees are required in the office block, the cold storage, and the transport department.